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Your numerology cycles February 1–13

Photography by Racineur.

Calculate Your Key Number

To find out what this month has in store for you, calculate your key number by adding the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your personal number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life.


Key Number 1

Best to be fussy.

Fussy is an old-fashioned word, but it describes the best attitude to adopt for this month's cycle energy. Fussy means take care of details.

Dust the corners, dot the i's and cross the t's.

Pickiness works under this cycle energy. If you don't pay attention to details, in all aspects of life, you will be sorry. To avoid being caught in a whole series of do-overs, be fussy and picky. You'll be happy you are.


Key Number 2

Take risks.

It is not often that you are advised to take risks. This month is the exception. Thinking and traveling outside the box (your usual way of thinking and doing) is guaranteed to bring excitement and happy rewards.

You will experience some restlessness, but take this as motivation to explore other ways of thinking and doing.

Expect to be great on the charm front. You can attract a crowd of admirers if you work at it.

It's wise to make Valentine’s exceptional for someone else.


Key Number 3

Romance, domestic responsibility.

Though it's a romantic month, it's also about putting others ahead of yourself. Taking responsibility for loved ones is inescapable.

Finding the middle ground between what you must do, and what you want to do, will not be easy.

You will be drawn to the assistance of others, even if you want to run away. If you are in the service-based career path, you will pull out all the stops to help others. Though your heart will be open, common sense must prevail. Keep your boundaries in place.


Key Number 4

A month for introspection.

Under this month cycle energy, it is best to slow down and take some time to work out where you really are in your life. Don't be surprised if you feel a little antisocial. This is the universe giving you an opportunity to ask some very important questions about your life.

Who am I?

Where am I going?

What do I want in my life and this time forward?

This quiet and introspective cycle energy is a time to pause and reevaluate your life and direction. If you take these questions seriously, your life direction will change.


Key Number 5

Pay attention to finances.

In this cycle month energy, your finances and career will come to the forefront. You may also become aware of your magical ability to manifest.

If you focus on bringing positive results  into your life, you are most likely to be successful.

Being fearful and conflicted will cause you to manifest chaos.

Since manifestation is working for you, it is recommended that you focus on the positive, rather than negative, aspects of your life.


Key Number 6

Changes in the air.

This month cycle energy is very much about tying up loose ends of the past and completions.

It is the end of a period of karma. What shows up this month in your life is most likely to be the result of seeds that you planted a long time ago.

The clarity brought with this cycle energy allows you to take a clear look at your life, deciding where it is working and where it needs tweaking.

This is a time for endings. You must decide which aspects of your life are working for you, and what is not. Working at being adaptable and preparing for a new energy in your life is important.


Key Number 7

Starting over.

This cycle energy of this month is about starting over.

Last month was about tying up loose ends of the past. This month is about sowing seed for the future. New beginnings and opportunities to create a fresh start abound. Now is the time to think about what you want your future to contain.

Whether you are looking for new relationships or friendships, to start a new career, or making any kind of a new commitment, this is the best month.

There will be some nervousness, but under that is a ripple of optimism which cannot be denied. Starting over is what this month is about.


Key Number 8

Embrace your sensitivity.

In this cycle month energy, you will be sensitive in several ways. Your intuition will be stronger, your tummy may be a bit more open to upset, and, your feelings may be most easily hurt.

For all of these reasons it's best to keep a low profile. In this cycle month it is better to be the bridesmaids rather than the bride.

You will thrive if you are the diplomat and the peacemaker, especially around family and close friends.

Keep your opinions to yourself, and work at creating a harmonious environment. Save some time for meditating. Don't try to swim upstream.


Key Number 9

Speak your heart.

This is a time when it's important for you to express yourself.

Even if you don't see yourself as very creative spend some time with the Journal. It will help you to clarify what is really happening for you emotionally.

More than anything else, it is important for you to use your imagination.

This cycle month is for people relationships. If you are not usually social you may find your communication skills perk up. Practice starting conversations with strangers. You may be surprised at what comes up.

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