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Your numerology cycles December 1–15

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You are in the perfect cycle month for the holiday season. Expect to be more energetic than you have been recently, and perhaps a little excitable. This is a good thing as long as you keep your enthusiasm in reasonable bounds. Remember that not everyone is in the same cycle energy, and holidays can be a bit difficult for some people depending on what is happening in their lives in the present moment, or memories they may be dealing with from the past.

The timing of this cycle month is now. Try to avoid aiming for instant gratification. However, a little spontaneity doesn’t hurt.

Avoid spreading yourself too thinly. Yes, you are able to plan a family gathering, wrap the presents, and keep peace if any uncomfortable combinations of family or friends show up for holiday meals. But, it’s a good idea to factor in some time to rest for yourself.


Key Number 7

The holiday may be hard work this year.

This cycle month’s energy is very much about creating stability for others. It’s a bit of a test cycle, and that always means you have an opportunity for good on this labour. The good news is that you will be inclined in that direction in any case. Getting the job done—preparing your mood and intention to make others enjoy the holiday—will give you most satisfaction.

In this cycle month’s energy, you are more likely to enjoy traditions. Even if you are usually a little bit Scrooge before the ghost visits, in this year you are more likely to be comforted by the rules and conventions that go with the holiday. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should overspend, but doing a little efficient organizing for the benefit of those around you who may not be quite as together will give you a great deal of satisfaction over all.

Hard work, planning and using good judgement in spending will take you into January feeling virtuous and willing to go forward with the new cycle year.


Key Number 8

A time to be charming.

In this holiday season, you are more likely to experience some mixed feelings. We all do. At the same time as you deal with some sentimental issues, you are blessed with energy and enthusiasm which you can apply to the usual holiday observances.

Your energy is meant to be magnetic and if you show up as enthusiastic curious as to how you can make this season work, people will be drawn to you and are more likely than usual to be cheered by your sense of adventure.

The challenge of this cycle month is not to scatter your energy too widely. You may be attracted to the glitz and glamour of the season but it’s important to remember not to exhaust yourself while seeking new experiences.

Finding moderation in this rather exotic energy will be a bit of a challenge, but the overall energy of the cycle month can bring adventure and a great deal of fun.


Key Number 9

Stay close to home and enjoy the holidays.

It’s said that this cycle month’s energy is ruled by the planet Venus which is the planet of love and nurturing.

Even if the holidays are not usually your thing, this cycle month you inhabit this year is more likely to draw you close to the traditions of the past.

You are under the influence of a vibration that is considered to be the number of the cosmic mother. In this cycle month, family is usually more important than ever and you are likely to be the hub of the wheel of tradition. Making a happy time (or at least a bearable one) for those you care about, even though there may be a few Grinch challenges, is the best way for you to enjoy the holiday season.

Everything around you needs to be harmonious in order for you to enjoy this season. However, things don’t always turn out perfectly, so there should be a disruption put your talents to work to put things right.


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