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Your numerology cycles December 1 – 15

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"Holly and mistletoe

Candles and bells,

I know the message

That each of you tells.”

~Leland B. Jacobs


It doesn't seem like 12 months since we were last inundated with holly, mistletoe, and Christmas carols everywhere. I was in a doctors’ office this year when I heard the first carol. I think it was the day after Halloween. Perhaps it wasn't quite that early, but it certainly felt like it was.

Calculate Your Key Number
To find out what the rest of the month has in store for you, add the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your personal number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life. For more on numerology, visit here


Key number 1 

This is the perfect cycle month for parties and celebrating. Of course it's important to remember not to overdo. You may lose your perspective on how much your body is willing to absorb, because this cycle month energy is super sensitive. So – while you party - think of caring for your physical vehicle. It deserves consideration.


Key number 2

There should be lots of opportunities to communicate in this month. It's a social cycle, an opportunity for you to express your creativity and to cheer others who may not be in such an easy cycle. Optimism is part of this cycle month energy, and so is celebration. Put on your party clothes and participate. Help someone who needs cheering to join in your party mood.


Key number 3

You can be a holiday whirlwind under this cycle energy, making things happen for others and organizing social events. Making sure no one is left out. It’s not a time to overindulge, as this is a test cycle, and coloring outside the lines will bring dire consequences. Exercise discipline, be good and generous to loved ones, and your holiday experience will be very satisfactory.


Key number 4 

Let it all hang out in this cycle month energy. Expect the unexpected, and enjoy people who turn up without calling. Everything is activity and chaos, not just because of the holidays but because of the energy of this month's cycle. Abandon rigid plans and go with the flow. It’s a perfect time for holiday fun.


Key number 5 

A great cycle energy to be surrounded by loved ones. If you can stay at home and be cozy, enjoying a little break, this will be a rewarding time for you. This cycle energy is all about love and generosity. So stretch a little, do more than you feel you can do for someone who needs attention and assurance. Brighten your work environment. Take a lonely person home to dinner.


Key number 6

Time off is essential under this cycle month's energy. It’s definitely not a time for large gatherings, if you can avoid them. If you must attend large groups, limit your commitment. Your intuition is strong, and the need for alone time urgent. Pay attention to your Spidey sense. Go for a long walk in nature whenever you can.


Key number 7 

In this cycle month finances are at the forefront. Use judgment in wielding your plastic. Focus on what is really important in your life and career. Be prepared to be popular. You are likely to hear things that are positive. If you have planted good seeds in your life over the last year this is the time when you can expect to see them blooming, even in the midst of winter.


Key number 8 

It’s not just the end of the year for you but also the end of a minor cycle. You may have an eerie sense that things are completing. It's important to finish all business and make way for new beginnings. You may feel an urgency to finish projects even in the midst of parties and celebrations. Do make time for your social life, but complete what needs to be finished.


Key number 9

 Use the holiday season to create new goals and investigate new interests and activities. Many people start a new fitness regime in January. Why not start now? The energy of this cycle month is in favor of new beginnings in all areas of life. Take a look at interesting courses for the new year. Be confident in social situations. You are in a great and attractive energy!

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