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Your numerology cycles August 16–31

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In this cycle month's energy, people and domestic life continue to be the most important aspects of your life. You may find yourself called upon to be nurturer and counsellor more often than is comfortable.

However, don't let friends or family take advantage of your generous nature. Although you may give a lot, make sure that others don't take advantage of your generosity and soft heart. Taking care of your own needs—emotional and physical—is also a priority, since this is a sensitive energy.

Romantic matters come to the forefront and there will be many positive energies at work in your personal life. This is an excellent time to examine long-term commitments. Romance is in the air.


Key Number 6 

Remember to create quiet time.

In this fast-moving world, it is sometimes hard to create time to go inside and listen to inner voices. Quiet time is especially important under this cycle energy. If you're not able to spend some time on yourself, you may find that the universe steps in and creates some kind of immobility. Better for you to choose.

Look at your inner truths and your bedrock values. You have better access to your intuition than usual, so remember to listen and let it guide your choices.

You may feel less energetic or less social. This is natural under this cycle month’s energy. Be sure to make time for introspection, but also for physical rest.

One more thing: when you do communicate with others, speak clearly. Under this cycle energy, misunderstandings can easily arise for lack of clarity on your part.


Key Number 7

Focus your energies.

This cycle month continues to be a time of confidence and personal power. Approach your career life with a great deal of seriousness, since much can be accomplished while you are in this powerful state of mind. You will naturally be inclined to work hard and you will be able to make the most of your organizational skills.

Try to radiate authority and self-confidence in all parts of life. Be efficient practical and rational in your dealings.

You are more likely to display good judgment, particularly in regards to finances and matters relating to the material world. Keep a clear eye on your progress and don't allow loose ends to dangle.

Don't forget to maintain close ties with friends and family.


Key Number 8

Finish and leave behind all the obvious obstacles to your progress.

This cycle month’s energy continues to be about purging. It's a good idea to go through your closets or cupboards and throw out or recycle what is no longer useful to you.

Some drama and strong emotions may accompany the decisions you make during this period. This may bring some sadness, as letting go is not always easy. If you are brave enough to let go of what has been hampering your progress, a clean new space will open for new possibilities.

You may find many people attracted to you under this cycle energy as your charisma is likely to sparkle.


Key Number 9

Develop new ideas as they occur.

This is a time to develop new ideas and seek out new opportunities. Whatever you begin this month will need your vital energy in order to make it succeed. Plan or begin new business ventures or look for new opportunities in your career and social life.

Emphasize independence. If there are still some areas of your life where you feel dependent on others, this may be a time to do some work on that aspect of your life.

 Anything that is holding you back should be examined honestly and carefully. Solutions are available.

This is a time when it is important for you to act with self-reliance and confidence. Be sure to express the courage of your own convictions.

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