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Your numerology cycles August 1–15

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This cycle month's energy is restless. You will need variety of experiences to keep you interested. Search out unexpected pleasures and self indulgences in order to feel satisfied.

Even if you're not usually a social creature, you will probably find yourself in the midst of conversation you would not usually participate in. You may be surprised at how well you express yourself under this cycle vibration. Conversation should be easy and enjoyable.

This is also a time when sexual undercurrents will be noticeable.

It's a mixed energy. Some confusion, but lots of opportunities to have fun.


Key Number 6

A time for love and service.

Focus on where you can be of help, especially for those you love. Stay close to home and perform the duties required of you meticulously. This will help to keep harmony.

Not an easy cycle energy for emotional relationships, though it is known to be favourable for the beginning of marriage, love and romance.

This cycle energy is not favourable for travel. Best to stay close to home.

Selfless service to others is required. 


Key Number 7

Take some time for yourself.

This is a good month to take a sabbatical or a private little vacation. Bow out of the spotlight and indulge in private time for contemplation and reevaluation.

You will, at times, be quite sensitive and perhaps even a little moody. This is right for this cycle.

This cycle months energy is designed for you to go within and ask—who am I? Where am I going? And what do I want in this time? Questions that are important in your life.

Don't be surprised if you need some additional rest. Pay attention to your dreams.


Key Number 8

Finances are at the forefront.

This is a cycle in which you will be able to exercise your personal power. Finances and ambition should be at the forefront, and you may notice you have some very good ideas about organization.

This is also considered to be a lucky month. Most good luck will actually be karma created by actions you have taken in the past.

You may find yourself in the right place at the right time, speaking to the right person to move you forward.

Money will be important. Remember to notice how easily it can flow in and out.


Key Number 9

The end of a minor cycle.

Clear what is not useful. This month's energy is about ruthless reappraisal of what works and what does not work in your life. There will be opportunities for you to be courageous in decision-making.

Situations which seemed insoluble may now dissolve, and give you an opportunity to move on to new projects and new ideas.

This is also a service energy. You will find yourself called upon to dispense wisdom, or perhaps to be a referee.

It is wise to keep your perspective.

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