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Your numerology cycles August 1–15

Calculate Your Key Number

The KEY NUMBER is arrived at by adding the month and day of birth together and reducing to one number. This is literally the KEY to finding your own personal cycle interpretation for this month.

Key number 1.

If you don’t acknowledge that you are under a power energy in this cycle month, life will feel very confusing.  If you acknowledge that you are able to manifest almost anything you have worked for now, you will be happier.
When you are in a power cycle—as you are now—sometimes there is a temptation be a little overwhelming in stating opinions, telling others what to do, and just wanting to get everyone moving forward.
Avoid a tendency to behave like a steamroller.

Key number 2.

This cycle month is a mixed bag of emotions, being a time when it's important to tie up some loose ends.  It will be poignant, as the end of summer always is, but especially in the first two weeks it is important to use a filter.  This energy is very fiery, and therefore very emotional.
Foster relationships you want to keep in your life, but be brave enough to review any relationship, in any part of your life, which may not serve you in the future.
Keep a cool head, especially related to money and relationships.

Key number 3.

It's really important to assert yourself this month, especially in the first two weeks.  This may not make you popular, but if you are not courageous in your own personal authority, you will regret it later. Plant seeds for what you want to accomplish in the future.  Remember when a seed goes into the ground it takes a while for it to sprout through the earth, so plant seeds for what you want in the future, and wait patiently.  A word about relationships:  if ever there was a time to review how you are in relationships, of all kinds, this is the time.
It is a good time to remember the golden rule.  Put yourself on the other side of conversations and observe how you occur for those around you.

Key number 4.

Much personal growth takes place through your association with others. This is especially true this month.  Use your powers of persuasion wherever you go, and you will be surprised how well you are accepted.  Career life will be interesting and somewhat challenging, especially since you're feeling very sensitive.
On the social and relationship side, be diplomatic.
You are sensitive, yes, but in that sensitivity there is great access to wisdom.  Put some of your energy into smoothing over difficult situations for others.  Standing outside a situation, and looking at both sides, then gently guiding loved ones towards harmony will be easier than it has been in the past.
Give it a try!

Key number 5.

Creativity and communication are the strongest energies in this cycle month.  And, don't forget to be sociable.  Divide your time between expressing your creative side, and interacting with others. This energy is the right energy for partying.  Express your creativity through problem-solving and creative idea-producing in your work life, and then fire up the barbecue, or go to the beach, or do something that allows yourself to be expressive and out of the rat race for a while.  Of course, you can't stay out there, and must not avoid your obligations, but blowing off steam is allowed under this cycle energy.
Go out and party!

Key number 6.

You may have already noticed that you are a bit more picky than usual.  This cycle energy is all about keeping order, even for those of us who are not usually neat fanatics.  Don't be surprised if your closets magically become organized.
The more you pull it all together in a neat pile, the easier life will be.
There are two opposite forces at work through this week and all through the month.  It's a testing time, but it's also a time to look around and find what is not working in your life, and begin to work out how to fix it. Chaos will try to creep in.  You can chase her away with mops and cleaning materials.

Key number 7.

Expect a wild ride this month. This cycle energy is all about twists and turns and unexpected events.  You may find yourself feeling rushed and restless.  You will seldom sit down to take a deep breath and if you do find that kind of time you will quickly become bored and perhaps find it necessary to stir the cauldron of your life just to create new energy.  It's that kind of month.
Having said all that, it's also fun and a very good cycle energy for travel and curiosity about seeing new things.  A time to explore new ideas and new styles.  Allow your imagination to run free this year and it will return with many wonderful gifts.

Key number 8.

With a sigh of relief you move into a homey energy.  Some of the anxiety and unexpected events of last month are just a dream now.  Some family and relationship issues come to the forefront, but you are well equipped under this cycle energy to deal with all issues on the domestic front.  Whatever else you do, be sure to include family and close friends in your schedule.  An excellent time to look at your home environment and see what you can change. Your home is your refuge - make it pretty, make it inviting - and deal with any conflict which may arise with compassion.

Key number 9.

Don't be surprised if you feel a little moody this month.  It's a time for reflection, interest in spirituality, and practising individuality.
Listen to your intuition — it will be strong and true.
If you must solve a misunderstanding, especially with a loved one, think carefully about what you are going to say, before you say it.
Under this cycle energy you can easily be seen as inaccessible, even cold.  This is perhaps because you will be able to analyze situations and come up with solutions, without being a pussycat.
This cycle month is a time for inner reflection.

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