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Your numerology cycles April 1–15

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This cycle month is a time of quiet waiting and things may seem slowed down. You must be patient, and exercise as much forbearance as you can.  Emotionally, it's important to stay on an even keel. Although it's important to be patient and allow as much time as it takes for your plans, remember there are many benefits from this quiet energy.

You may find yourself acting in the role of the peacemaker, and naturally be able to pay more attention to details.

Don't call attention to yourself or your projects. Instead, be the cooperator and booster for other people.

This is a good time to form new friendships or renew old ones.


Key Number 6


This cycle month energy is perfect for taking some time out to relax—to play.

It is a special lighter energy in which there should be little flashes of happiness and pleasure.

Coming as it does after last month which may have been a little draggy, you are much more likely to experience optimism.

It is a social time so please accept invitations or organize social gatherings to be in tune with the month energy.

Enjoy travel and if you have not done so lately make some time to appreciate art or the beauty of nature.


Key Number 7

Concentrate on creating order and systems.

In this cycle month energy, it's important to complete all your work as it occurs.

It’s a great opportunity to organize and create systems in your life even if we are just talking about organizing your closets.

There may be some business matters that you need to take care of. Look carefully at anything which asks for legal agreements, and don't sign anything you do not understand. Take care of any paperwork you have been neglecting.

Stay focused on tasks which must be done, whether mental or physical. Be prepared for hard work and some tight schedules.

You will be surprised at how good you will feel when your work is completed.


Key Number 8

Prepare for change.

This cycle energy brings change and unexpected events. You may initiate the change yourself, or find yourself dealing with changes that are brought about by other people.

Take advantage of the shifting circumstances, and flow with the evolving conditions. This is a time for you to show how versatile you can be.

Let go of things that have been holding you back, especially attitudes. Release the old gracefully, and you will be surprised at how much personal freedom this will afford you.

Delight in the great variety of experience that can come your way under this cycle energy.


Key Number 9

Concentrate on your home life and relationships.

Be sure to pay attention to your duties and obligations, especially with your family and close friends.

This cycle month is very much about people—those close—and even those people you meet in your daily life.

Your success and happiness are very much related to your willingness to give of yourself.

You will find yourself in service to others, and you may find it necessary to compromise more than you would like. Compromise will be necessary whether you like it or not.

Focus on your home and family members. Try to understand, respect and consider the needs of those around you. An unselfish and charitable approach will be very helpful in getting through this cycle month.

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