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Your numerology cycles for 2019

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This cycle year is a wonderful time for personal development.

But, this cycle year is not the easiest time for communication with others. Your inner hermit will demand you spend time on your own: thinking, researching, or just enjoying your own company.

Go out of doors, even if nature is not your usual thing. You may be drawn to nature in all its forms.

Intuition is sharp and should be eerie at times. Don't dismiss it. It works, and like a dull tool, when you sharpen it works beautifully.

This is a time when you may find you are surrounded by synchronicity. Spirituality is important this year, even if you are usually a nonbeliever.


Key Number 5

This is a harvest year.

This cycle year is very important. Of course, all cycle years are important, but this one especially as it is considered to be the year of harvest. Much of what shows up in your life this year will be a result of actions and attitudes taken over the last eight years.

Your chickens—both plump and abundant and thin and unattractive—will come home to roost. 

This is also a cycle year when you will probably feel more self-confident than you have for quite a while. Your own personal power will be within reach. It's a good idea to use it.

Financial affairs will take a prominent place in your thinking. Though you may feel very abundant, it's important not to overspend.

While your self-confidence and personal power are at their peak, it is important to remember that others around you may not be in the same powerful emotional place. Be compassionate. Avoid being overpowering.


Key Number 6

Tie up the loose ends of the past.

2019 is the end of a nine-year cycle for you. Many changes come with this year. It is the end of a chapter of life which began in 2010.

The following year, 2020, is the beginning of a whole new chapter of life for you. 2019 is more about tying up the loose ends of the past and tidying things so that you are ready for a fresh start the following year.

In many ways, this is a lovely cycle energy. It's full of love and compassion as well as completions. Your charisma will be very visible and for that reason you will find yourself constantly involved in the lives of other people.

It's important in this cycle to do a review of what you want to keep in your life and what you want to let go of. It’s not always easy to part with some aspects of your life, but anything that has not worked out for you—anything that you've been working on but have not been able to make work—should be scrupulously examined.

What you have been holding onto in the way of ideas, people, and even belongings should be looked at so you can decide whether they are contributing to your happiness. If they’re not—perhaps you could consider letting go and leaving a space for new experiences.

Pay attention to your intuition. It's one of those cycles when you're bound to be more tuned in than usual.


Key Number 7

New beginnings.

This should be a year of celebration for you. It is a time of new beginnings. Planting new vibrant seeds in all areas of your life is important.

It might be helpful to go back and look at 2010 to see what was happening in your life at that time. You should be able to see the beginnings of some of the energy and events which concluded last year.

For most people with your Key Number this will be a time of unexplained—in some cases—optimism. It is a clean slate, a new page in the book of your life, and IT terms, perhaps it’s a brand-new tablet, fresh and ready to have your life written in it.

Even if this energy feels confusing in some areas, it is important to push through and instigate new practices in areas of health, relationship, and career. Basically in all parts of your life. 

We as humans, if we are lucky, experience this opportunity just a few times in our lives.

Write this new chapter with optimism and hope for the future.


Key Number 8

Mellow out.

The cycle energy for this year will be mellow. This is not a time to be pushy. It is a good cycle year for relationships, though. Relationships of all kinds can blossom and even be regrown under this pleasant cycle year energy.

Make the most of your charm. This is not a cycle in which you should seek the spotlight. Instead stay in the background is much as possible, but at the same time step up to be a supporter and a cooperator for those around you.

There is a good reason to stay out of the spotlight in this cycle energy. It's enlightened self-interest, really. Because this is one of the most sensitive cycle years, you are wise to stay in the background. For your own sake.

Another thing to remember: this energy is very watery. If you possibly can avoid getting too wet or chilled, you will stay well. Stay dry and stay optimistic.


Key Number 9

A sociable cycle.

This can be a very sociable cycle year for you. Your ability to communicate will be enhanced and the possibility for enjoyment of life will be at its peak.

It's not always easy to adapt to the energy of this cycle year. For some, it is a little overwhelming. However, it is one of the most creative energies of all the cycle years.

One of the most positive ways of expressing in this cycle is to use your creativity. For some, the word “creativity” conjures up images of canvases and paints. It's a good idea to remember everything in our environment began with an idea—a creative idea. Producing creative ideas and problem solving are a very important manifestation of creative energy.

The cycle year you will be inhabiting this year is also often referred to as joyful. Take advantage of the possibility to create joy for yourself and those around you.


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