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Your numerology cycles for 2018

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You are likely to feel more confident and able to imagine your self-fulfilling possibilities and continuing to grow.

Money will have an important role in your life, and it's likely to be at the forefront of your thinking. It may be abundant or scarce. You should be careful of your own personal spending. Hard work done in the past brings rewards now and it is a good time to move forward with ideas and opportunities that present themselves, especially since you are likely to feel more confident and strong.

Even if your confidence has not been at its height in the past, you should know that you will have more access to power under this cycle energy it will be up to you whether you use it or not. Approach your activities this year in a serious and businesslike way you may have to work hard but the results are worth the effort.

Try to be efficient, practical and rational in your communication with others. In the midst of this powerful cycle, it's important to maintain your close ties with friends and family even though you may be very busy. Show your sensitive and emotional side whenever it's appropriate.

Be careful how you use your power to treat others justly. This can be one of the best years ever!


Key Number 7

This is a 9 Cycle Year for you.

Even as you launch into a new cycle year, you will probably notice that it is a time of transition. You must consider that it is a good time to clear from your life anything that is not working, anything or anyone you have outgrown in order to make a clear space for new ideas and future opportunities.

Wherever in your life you can complete, finish, and leave behind obstacles that kept you from realizing your dreams, you must be ruthless in working for completions.

Some of the obstacles preventing you from moving forward may be thought patterns you've held for quite a while. This is where it is essential for you to be honest with yourself.

Look at ideas and attitudes that have affected your reactions to life, and see where you may alter your perceptions.

For many, this is a poignant year and a feeling of loss may be present around some of the decisions you may need to make.

It is not surprising that much dramas and emotions may accompany some of the endings you may decide to implement. No matter how difficult some of these choices may be, if you are honest with yourself you will see that it is desirable to move on.

Be sure to listen to your own inner voices. Your intuition will be more accurate this year and should be honoured.


Key Number 8

This is a 1 Cycle Year for you.

This can be a very exciting year. Within yourself feelings of enthusiasm will occur at the same time when you are experiencing a big dash of confusion. The last time you experienced a powerful cycle like this was in 2009. It might be a good idea to go back and remember how they’ve worked out for you.

The most important thing to remember about this cycle year is that it is a clean slate. What you write on that slate will be up to you, but it's important to remember that numerology believes that in a one cycle year, every thought, word and deed is a seed for the future.

Last year was the end of a cycle for you and you completed a block of karma. Now you have the opportunity to move in a new direction, meet new people, and plant new seeds for the future in career and relationships.

Take some time to decide the aspects of your life which are working for you well, and do everything you can to strengthen them.

Take a close look at what should be left behind, if you have not already done that last year.

Review attitudes, habits and perhaps even relationships and decide what enriches your life and what creates obstacles to your moving forward.

This is a time for new beginnings in all aspects of your life. Please don't forget it. It will be another nine years before you are in such a powerful new beginning energy cycle.


Key Number 9

You are in a 2 Cycle Year.

This cycle year is meant to be a peaceful harmonious energy. It's interesting to note that for the next few years your cycle year, and the Universal year (the world' s year) are the same.

This is the year of the peacemaker, the cooperator, the communicator and the diplomat.

As much as possible, it's a good idea to be there to help others, but stay out of the spotlight yourself.

Things may move a bit more slowly than you would like and this can be frustrating at times. However, since this is a sensitive year emotionally it's probably better to take things easily, to think things through, and to use a quiet voice rather than shouting, even when you may feel a bit frustrated.

This is considered to be a receptive year. Listen to what other people have to say, take their opinions into consideration, and respond with tact and encouragement where it's appropriate.

This year is also very much about appearance and beauty.

An excellent excuse for a new wardrobe.

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