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Where is summer? And what will your summer look like? Your numerology cycles for July 1–15

What has happened to summer,
That’s what I want to know.
Is she on vacation—
Who knows where did she go?
Tell, what was she wearing;
A zephyr breeze and rosebud
Or grass and wild berry?
Could she be honeymooning
With spring or early fall
Or has she gone so far away
She’ll not return at all?
—Dorothy Ardelle Merriam

As of this writing, the above poem is perfectly suitable. It feels as if summer is away and only sends an occasional text. Let’s hope that by the time this blog is published the poem will be totally unsuitable.

To find out what July has in store for you, calculate your key number by adding the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your personal number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life.

Key number 1
If your key number is 1 (consult above directions, and please remember your key number is the key to your cycle, and not your life path number), this is the month when it’s important for you to keep your eye on your schedule, to stay on time and to complete all your tasks. It’s summer, and even when the weather does not co-operate, there are still longer periods of light and the feeling that you “should” be more relaxed, but if you get into those summary temptations, you will pay a price. You can’t get away with anything under this cycle energy. You must work, work and work some more. Let the busy little beaver be your totem. Chew away at the work that life presents for you, and when you see the completion of your projects at the end of this cycle period, you will be glad you did.

Key number 2
Your energy in this month is wild. Admit it, you feel restless. This is exactly the right feeling for this cycle energy. Go out and find something to do that is totally outside your usual. If you feel like you’re living in the box of routine, this is the time to find a little axe and chop your way out. Once out, there is tremendous opportunity to remodel your model of life. Take a personal development workshop or public speaking course. Or plan a trip on the spur of the moment. You are probably understanding by now that this cycle energy is unconventional and creative. Play it for all that it’s worth.

Key number 3
It is summer and you are under a homey, romantic and relationship-oriented cycle energy. Does this mean that you should be compounding aphrodisiac foods in your own little kitchen for someone special in your life? Yes. It does. But if you are not particularly talented in the culinary aspect of your life, or at the moment you are not particularly involved, then being responsible and domestic is still advised. Under this cycle energy, you may want to stay close to your own backyard—or perhaps your hearth, in these chilly Vancouver evenings. Keep a listening ear for anyone who may need wise advice.

Key number 4
You are experiencing the perfect cycle energy for July. Take it slow and pay attention to what is happening in your inner landscape. Fulfill your duties but take as much time as possible to be out in nature, exploring the possibilities and joys of being self-sufficient. The spiritual path is important under this energy (yes, this includes yoga, chanting, tai chi, meditation and prayer). This is a slightly lonely cycle. You may feel isolated, even in a crowd. When your energy moves in this direction, you are totally on track. This is a sensitive, introspective time in your life. Make the most of it. Take a walk and hug a tree.

Key number 5
You are meant to be very much in the material world under this cycle energy. It is a harvest vibration, and much of what you have been working on in the last few months will come to fruition. Flex your intellectual and organizational muscles, and you will find that you will be very successful. You will lean in the direction of leadership. Pay attention to the noises your followers are making. Although you are dynamic and full of good ideas, there may be some who are not comfortable with the path you are taking. Listen to dissent. You may not agree with what you are hearing, but it will be important for you to consider before you decide. At the same time, have confidence in your inner compass. Watch your spending. Under this energy, there is a tendency to be magnanimous—just be sure your credit card can deal with this tendency.

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