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Welcome to the next chapter in the book of your life: Your numerology cycles for January 1-15, 2013

Happy New Cycle Year! This is a time for wishing everyone a happy New Year. And for a numerologist, it is also appropriate to wish a happy New Cycle Year. On January 1, everyone shifted into the next chapter in the book of our lives. For some, it will be easier to cope with the energy that will affect them during their new cycle year. For others, it may be a bit more challenging. All cycle years have their own character and challenges. In this brand-new chapter of your life, I wish all of you wisdom, happiness and wise management of relationships of all kinds.

I talked a lot about cycles this past year, as I have done every year for most of my adult life. Recently I introduced
Cassandra’s Secret Cycle Guide, a comprehensive, personalized guide to the cycles of your own life.

People are always asking me how cycles work. Sometimes it’s hard for me to see the forest for the trees. I constantly think about cycles, calculate cycles for my clients and think in cycles and numerology language, so it might be timely for me to give an explanation of what I think cycles are.

We are all born into a cycle pattern that repeats through the years, the months, the days and even the hours of our lives. Our own personal cycle begins on the day we take our first breath and we live in our cycle pattern until we leave the planet.

I see the cycles as a wheel within a wheel, the outer wheel representing life in the material world, and the inner wheel (or cycle) representing life on the inner plane, the plane where our thoughts reside, and where our emotional and spiritual lives play out. (Because there are so many different combinations of outer and inner cycles, this Vancouver Observer blog only addresses your outer cycle.
Cassandra’s Secret Cycle Guide gives you insight into both of your cycles and how they work together over the course of a year.)

I believe cycles are really important in helping us understand why we do what we do, and when we do it. Our whole universe revolves in cycles; we do, too. Paying attention to where we are in our cycles is a bit like using a GPS, or even an old-fashioned compass, to guide us through our lives.

My goal is to make knowledge of the cycles, and how they work, available to as many people as possible. An American comedian once said, “Timing is everything.” This is absolutely true, and knowing where you are in your cycle provides the ultimate access to good timing.

So read on to find out how your cycle month will affect you at the beginning of your new cycle year.
First, calculate your key number by adding the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your personal number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life.

Key number 1
Your cycle year is starting with a power surge. You can expect to achieve a great deal this month because of hard work that you did in the past. Although this is the beginning of a new chapter of life, the energy of harvest is also present, so as you look back over the last few months, you will see that what is happening in your life right now is the result of your past thinking and actions that you took. Take charge of your life under this powerful energy and you will create the life you dream of. Pay attention to finances, though, as this is an energy in which you will be most comfortable when surrounded by nice things. You are the boss of your own life. This is the time to demonstrate that power.

Key number 2
You may be surprised at how much you want to clean up, release and let go under this cycle energy. These feelings may seem natural since you are starting a new cycle year, but there’s actually more than that to it. Next month is really a new beginning for you in a minor cycle, so while you’re in this cycle month, it is important to clear the decks, clean the closets or use whatever other metaphor you like for allowing a clean space for the new energy of the next month. Expect some endings that you have not engineered. This is inevitable. However, this is just life, so accept it and move on.

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