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Summer suffering: Your numerology cycles for August 1–15

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.

—Russell Baker

As Vancouverites, we love the occasional glimpses of summer that we have had this year. But we suffer not only from the occasional hot days and many gray days, but also from the reminder that in our green and leafy, city evil and cruelty also live. On my street, a dog was found beaten and discarded in a dumpster. We, the residents of this animal-loving neighbourhood, like the rest of Vancouver, are in shock. We ask ourselves how this could happen within mere centimetres of our front doors. There is no answer. We have all become more vigilant and hold the vulnerable creatures in our care closer, remembering that they cannot tell their experiences or ask for our help.

To find out what August has in store for you, calculate your key number. Your key number is the key to finding where you are in your cycle. Take the month and day of your birth, add them together and reduced to one digit, and then you have the key to your cycles for the rest of your life. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your key number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have your key number (6).

Key number 1
Under the energy of this cycle month, you will have a desire for freedom and flexibility in your schedule that will be more intense than you have experienced for several months. If you are not able to go mountain climbing, or visit the Amazon, or start a new business, or invent a cure for the common cold, it is important to find some other way of satisfying your need for variety and adventure. Take a mental-health day and go rock climbing, or bury yourself in the travel section of the local library (yes, we still have buildings full of books in our city). Whatever you do, do something different, otherwise you are liable to find yourself dabbling in wicked mischief.

Key number 2
The energy of this cycle month is all about home. Stay at home and enjoy the life of a homebody. Romance is in the air, but so is responsibility and the need to be of service to others. Think before you speak. Under this cycle energy, it is necessary to remember that you are not the boss of your family and friends; even if you are, it’s a good idea to be tactful. Resist the temptation to tell others how to be in their lives. At the same time, allow your inner parent some leeway. Home is where the heart is, and home is where you will find the most satisfaction this month. Order a new cookbook or kitchen gadget, and your inner domestic will be happy. Remember to hold a listening and nonjudgmental ear for anyone who would like to share their problems, love affairs or just wants someone to listen to them for a change. Try to understand, respect and relate to anyone who comes to you for advice.

Key number 3
In work and professional life, this is a time to slow down. You are fortunate in that this is a perfect cycle energy to be experiencing in summer. The energy of this month is very complex, perhaps overly sensitive, but you will be comfortable (if a little removed from day-to-day problems) if you take the spiritual path, spend time in nature, do yoga, and investigate chanting, Qigong and even prayer. Under this energy, you are more intuitive than usual. If you listen to your inner voices and trust your own judgment, you will likely be more perceptive than you have been for several months. Spend some time in nature, take a dog or cat for a walk, or find a tree or flower to talk to. Nature is your friend. Communicate with it at every opportunity. Think before you speak, as you are most likely to be misunderstood if you are not clear in your communication.

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