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Summer numerology cycles: July 1 - 15

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Focus your energy and drive forward dramatically. This is the time to find your inner executive, and to take charge of whatever is around that needs to be taken charge of. This energy is especially friendly to business and the financial life. However, if you are not a mover and shaker in the material world, you are still prone to deep yearnings towards organisation. If your kitchens and your closets are all in perfect order, credit cards paid off and everything else that could be organized in place, you may need to take your inner executive out into the social world and begin to organise a new way of showing the powerful and dynamic person you really are. You can sparkle under this cycle energy – and you may be drawn towards bling – but it's more likely to be you, as a dynamo, flooding your surroundings with light.


Key number 5. 

A different kind of energy for you this month, a time to cool it, sit back, take stock and be ruthlessly honest with yourself about what is worth keeping and what must be let go. Be prepared for significant endings and transitions. Do an inventory of what you have accomplished so far this year, and make decisions about what was productive. Beating dead horses or ideas is a waste of time. Be brave enough to finish and leave behind anything that presents itself as an obstacle or anything that has hampered or delayed your progress. You will be especially charismatic. Use your charisma wisely and authentically.


Key number 6. 

Life takes a new turn now. Expect a different kind of energy full of optimism, exciting changes and new beginnings. You can reasonably plan significant long-range ventures, and as long as you plant well, you will see the blooming of these ideas later in the year. This is a time to initiate major changes both in your career and personal life. Embrace what is new, exciting and original. Under this energy you will initiate major changes affecting both career and personal life. Develop new strategies for dealing with close personal relationships, but also develop new ideas about how to handle the direction your career life is taking. This is the time to take risks and seek out ventures that are unusual and challenging. It may be difficult to be flexible, but it will be important to bring as much energy as possible into your efforts to be adaptable. A great deal will be happening, so it will be important for you to pick and choose among the various possibilities as they present themselves. Find the best opportunities and plunge forward!


Key number 7.


 Patience is a virtue. You will need to be very virtuous over the next few weeks. Stay in the background and keep your light dim. Adaptability and consideration of others will be very much appreciated by those in your circle. Being sensitive to the needs of others, and aware of your own sensitivity is the key to understanding and surviving this cycle of energy. Your inner diplomat is dying for an opportunity to make peace, even in the most complex situations. You will probably surprise yourself with your abundance of wisdom, especially in dealing with what might seem to be unsolvable problems. Show humility and willingness to listen to the problems of others. Do your best to be compassionate. This is the key to navigating this seemingly calm but very emotional time.


Key number 8.

Express yourself! It will be easier to speak out and be yourself than it has been for a long time. This is a time for communication and creativity. Even if things go awry you will have a wonderful resiliency, and the ability to bounce back, no matter what happens. You are likely to be the life of the party if you allow yourself to go to parties. Socializing is highly recommended and if you don't, you may find yourself falling into melancholy and moodiness. Along with your increased ability to express yourself there is a tendency to be temperamental. Think before you speak and especially do not dismiss someone from your life, unless you are sure this is what you really want. Only commit to actions that you are willing to follow to the end. In the meantime dance and sing and make merry while you can. Summer in Vancouver is usually very short.


Key number 9.

It's summer, but in your cycle life, hard work, discipline and rigor are what will get you through. This is a test cycle month and it is important for you to be nitpicking and precise in all you do. Pay attention to your physical body. Eat your vegetables and get lots of exercise. Personal life can be extremely challenging. Tact and fulfilling your promises as you made them will make life much easier. Spend some time communing with mother earth. It's summer and it should not be difficult to find a patch of grass to walk barefoot on. Believe it or not this will help with the challenges that arise in your emotional life. Staying grounded literally and figuratively is the very best strategy for surviving into the next cycle energy.




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