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June 1 - 14: early summer readings

 Calculate Your Key Number

To find out what June has in store for you, calculate your key number by adding the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your personal number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life.

Key number 1

Other people may be slowing down and getting into summer mode, but not you. This is a time for hard work, attention to detail, and being tested in emotional life. 'Keep calm and carry on' is a quote I see everywhere these days. I saw it on the back of someone's backpack the other day. It's good advice. In this cycle energy you are bound to run into obstacles and things may move much more slowly than you would like, but it is important to just keep moving forward. At the same time work hard and take care of details.


Key number 2

Explore, take risks, step outside your usual pattern! Travel and exploring new ideas will bring the most satisfaction. If you are not able to get away from your environment physically – as in taking a break of some sort – expose yourself to some other kind of adventure. Take a salsa lesson, or visit the aquarium. Take a sports car for a test drive, but remember to return it. Do a modified headstand, or a whole series of sun salutations, in the evening. Restlessness is the dark side of this month cycle energy. Take yourself out for as many treats as you possibly can.


Key number 3

Best to stay close to home for the next few weeks, being a domestic House Bunny will bring the most satisfaction. Holding a listening ear for someone with an issue, especially a relationship issue, will stir your compassionate nature, and cause you to enjoy being of service. You may need more than one listening ear under this cycle energy, you will probably find yourself much in demand and your sage advice will be taken seriously. Home is where the heart is now. Do whatever you can to improve your environment. Buy something new for the kitchen and practice domestic skills.


Key number 4

If ever there was a time to schedule some alone time, it is now. You can't escape the day to day duties which are part of life, but under this cycle energy it is not likely that the material world will come knocking on your door, so, if you are wise you will use this energy to look within and analyze your place in life. Even if you feel anxious to push matters forward it is advised that you be patient. Trust your intuition which is bound to tell you to wait for developments, rather than pushing aggressively forward. In situations where you must communicate with others, stop and think first, as there is great danger of being misunderstood. Think before you speak. Take some time to hug some trees.


Key number 5

Take a serious look at your finances. It will be a long time till you have this kind of an opportunity to take charge of your financial life. You are in your power. Careful – don't misuse it – but expect to be called upon to make decisions in family life and career life. Self-confidence naturally comes with this kind of energy. This is also an extremely karmic vibration, so you will get to see what you have been planting in your life in the past. I like to think your chickens, both fat and scrawny, will come home to roost under this cycle vibration. Wherever you are in your life get down to business – domestic Goddess or president of a small or large company – be decisive, swing into action, show the world how powerful you are.


Key number 6.

Emotions run high this month. Expect abrupt endings in all areas that are not working well for you. Be prepared to receive spiritual and psychological insights. Pay close attention to what your intuition has to say - it is sharper and more accurate than it has been for many months. Look carefully at which strategies are working in your personal life, and which are not, and be prepared to adjust your attitude accordingly. This should be a time of ruthless self appraisal. Look at your own patterns to see if you are making the most of your talents. Be honest with yourself! Give yourself credit where credit is due, and change your responses where it is necessary.


Key number 7

My favorite thing to say about this cycle energy is that it is a time of great expectations. At the same time it is important to remember that when new seeds are planted they must stay invisible and under the earth until they begin to sprout. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to plant seeds in all aspects of your life. Look well to your personal, career, and financial lives. You will have a special kind of zip and enthusiasm that allows you to go after what you want to create in your life, remembering that this is a beginning. Avoid being impatient. Under this energy there is a slight tendency to be a bit overwhelming. Careful not to crush others with the weight of your enthusiasm.


Key number 8

Last month's energy was the energy of extroversion, being out there in the world, and initiating new projects, and new ideas. This month's energy is quite different. Step out of the spotlight and support people around you from the background. Cooperation, diplomacy and support for those you care about will bring most benefit into your life under this vibration. Take good care of yourself while you are taking care of others. This is a sensitive energy. Your feelings may be easily affected by what others have to say. Redo your wardrobe. Go all out, or just discard a few pieces and add a few more. Retail therapy is highly recommended.


Key number 9

This is the perfect cycle energy to be in, in June. This is the beginning of summer vibration. Pull your playclothes from the back of the closet, take them out or wash them, get them ready for use. Communication will be a strong point. You will want to socialize. If it does not come to the top of your consciousness, fake it till you make it. Under this cycle energy you can be very entertaining, and open to be entertained. Flap your social butterfly wings, at the beach or on the dance floor, or, throw a party and invite people into your environment or favorite local.

In any case, this is not a time to be shy or retiring. Socialize and energize. Move into circles which are unfamiliar. There are adventures waiting to be uncovered.


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