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An intense month: your numerology cycles for September 1–15

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Key number 4
During this month’s cycle energy, you will deal with the odds and ends of what you have been creating over the last nine years. This is an emotional month, and it’s also a time when you will see your chickens, both fat and undernourished, coming home to roost. In the areas where you have been attentive and made things happen, you will see extremely good results. Where you have been a little sloppy or preoccupied, you will experience a
haunting of the ghost of not-quite-finished projects. This is a time of endings, the most intense ending energy you have experience for nine years. Make the most of it by ending habits, relationships or thought patterns that do not serve you.

Key number 5
While many others experience difficult transitions during September cycle energy, you are at the beginning of a new chapter of life. This is a seed-planting time for you, a time when new ideas will fall over themselves in their haste to find a place in your imagination. Start new things in all areas of your life. Your whole year has been about rebooting emotional and material-world issues and ideas. Continue to remodel your life. At the same time, consider other people in your life who are not experiencing such a
powerful cycle energy. For many under this cycle energy, there is slight tendency to behave like a bulldozer. Large, heavy equipment is necessary for building, but in personal or career life, it may crush other’s sensitive feelings. To see and take advantage of all possibilities, walk the fine line between being the leader you are and the listener
you must be.

Key number 6
In this cycle energy, it is important to keep a low profile. You will be sensitive under this cycle energy, so do not to put yourself in danger of being chopped down like a tall poppy. I often refer to this cycle energy as the “Hallmark card cycle.” Forgive yourself if you are more sentimental than usual. Co-operation and diplomacy in communication with others will bring great rewards. This is a good time to ask gently, propose new ideas
or ask for favours, especially if you ask in a diplomatic way. You are charming and available to help. Being aggressive under this cycle energy will cause you to lose focus, and it will sabotage any possibility of being successful in personal and in career life. Don’t be impatient when you find that things are moving slowly; develop a patient attitude and you will see good results in the end. Put some energy into the creative side of your life. Creative idea producing and problem solving through diplomacy will bring
your popularity to an all-time high.

Key number 7
This cycle month should be a breeze for you. It can be an extremely positive month on all levels, especially in areas of your life where you are called upon to be creative. Remember, creativity is not all about art. Creative idea producing and problem solving is the highest expression of creative life. This cycle energy is meant to be the most lighthearted of all of the cycle energies, a wonderful time for socializing, communicating, spending time with friends and even making new friends. If travel is in
your agenda during this month, it will probably be fortunate. If you’re not planning to travel, take some time away from your usual routine, with a view to just enjoying yourself. The positive side of this cycle energy is light and expressive. There is also a negative side, and some people may find this a melancholy kind of energy. The good news is that you have a choice of how you are going to express, and since this is such an intense cycle, it is strongly suggested that, if you are not feeling happy, you fake it until
you make it.

Key number 8
This cycle month contains is an extremely serious and hard-working kind of energy. It’s a time when you may expect to be tested on many levels. Expect small tests in emotional life and larger tests in career life. Face your challenges head on; hiding will not work. You will attempt to put lots of energy into the larger picture, but the small details are where you must focus in order to achieve your goals. This is also a very emotional cycle energy. Your feelings can be easily hurt now, especially if you put yourself in the position of trying to control or dominate those around you. Under this cycle energy, you are more likely to be stuck in your opinions, but rigidity can alienate, so be careful not to be too stuck in your thinking.

Key number 9
This is a wild cycle energy in a wild cycle year full of unexpected events, and twists and turns. You are more flexible and innovative now than you have been for years. Travel is highly recommended, even if it’s just a day trip. This is a time to get away from your everyday routine and explore other possibilities in lifestyle and attitude. If you are not inclined to go rock climbing or travelling on the Orient Express, go to work by a different route, wear something that you would normally not consider and leap outside of your usual persona. Taking risks under this cycle energy will pay large dividends in the future.

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