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How you should communicate: Your numerology cycles for March 1 to 15

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“I do, Alice hastily replied; “at least I mean what I say, that’s the same thing, you know.”
—Lewis Carroll

Dog walking has become a pleasure again, even if it is quite cold by the water. Every day new little green things tempt Siriuss to leave more original p-mails. His creativity is boundless and infectious. I dog-sat Rubee a couple of weeks ago. She’s a poodle –cairn mix and known to be extremely discriminating in the number of messages she leaves—usually only one per walk. However, after a couple of days of watching how serious Siriuss is in leaving new messages, she chimed in as well. On one walk she actually left a total of five p-mails, and some very vigorous kick marks as well. Not at all ladylike. Not surprising, really–Rubee is a 3 life path dog. All 3s are communicators by nature.

To find out what March has in store for you, calculate your key number by adding the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your personal number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life.

Key number 1
Optimism and confusion go hand in hand this month, as a sneaky feeling that everything is going to be all right will underlie a sense of wondering, in the immortal words of Jesse Pinkham, “whatsup.” What it is, is that this is the time to start over. Take a long, close look at what you have accomplished over the last few months, congratulate yourself on your wins, and then redesign your strategy. Definitely a time for new beginnings, high hopes, and moving in a new direction. This is particularly true in relationships. Examine your role in your close emotional relationships, but also in your relationships at work.

Key number 2
The velvet hand in the velvet glove is the way to approach difficulties in close emotional relationships, and even in family matters. Co-operation and support for loved ones will garner rewards far beyond expectations. When you speak, speak softly, and sweetly, or speak not at all. No matter how alluring the spotlight might be, this is not your time to inhabit it. Your place is in the background, cheering and practising virtue. Although it is necessary to be tactful, telling lies will cause your nose to grow exponentially.

Key number 3
Express yourself! Especially in the romantic area of your life. If you must travel in order to express yourself in your romantic life, all the better. Develop your dreams and inspirations. Many blocks are being removed, and you have the opportunity to be who you really are, creative and fearless. Speak your truth, even when it is a bit scary, but remember to say what you must say, with generosity and compassion. Be especially aware of your own emotional feelings, and pay attention to your friends’ and colleagues’ feelings as well. You are on a roll; see how much pleasure and happiness you can spread while your star is rising.

Key number 4
Put your nose firmly to the grindstone now and complete all of your work that is unfinished. Build a secure base for the future. Create order and system in all areas of your life—even your underwear drawer. Watch for energy that leads you into new business and entrepreneurial projects. However, enter into new ventures only after intense due diligence has been exercised. New relationships also come under the heading of new ventures. While it’s important to be open to the possibility of new connections, emotional and physical, remember to do background checks before you discard your common sense or your under garments.

Key number 5
Work outside the usual routine. Restlessness is to be expected, but be sure to put it to creative, positive use. Make constant use of your imagination and your creative approach to solve problems in the out-of-the-box sector. Expect twists and turns and unexpected events. Take advantage of shifting circumstances to show yourself and others how flexible you can be. In working situations it’s a good idea to demonstrate your versatility and flexibility. Let go of the old and embrace the new. This is the time to develop new strategies for dealing with communication with your loved ones. Be careful of sarcasm or criticism. Once words have fallen out of your mouth, you will never be able to recover them. Expect criticism to come back to haunt you.

Key number 6
Concentrate on family and home life, as well as duties and obligations that you have been avoiding. Prepare to be available for others who may need your help. Domestic life is fulfilling, and you will probably want to focus on your home and family members. Even when you are not inclined to be helpful to family, hold a listening ear for anyone who may need support and encouragement. Be patient and try to understand, respect and consider everyone else’s point of view. Boring, yes, but fulfilling in the long run? Yes. An unselfish and charitable approach to everyone around you will bring great rewards in the long run. Romantic love is important, and it is also important to be patient in that part of your life. Be sweet in romantic situations. In family life, and at work, be a harmony creator.

Key number 7
Concentrate on spending time alone, preferably as free as possible from worldly concerns. Of course you cannot go to a convent or monastery—not that you would want to—but it will be important to make time for contemplation and introspection. If you’re not able to take time to yourself, you are likely to be quite irritable. Take care of family obligations, but try to allow yourself enough free time to ask those important questions: Who am I? Where am I going? What do I want in my life from this time forward? Look back at your past accomplishments, but also spend time visualizing what you want to create in your future. This is a magical time when you should expect a multitude of synchronicities, and it’s also a time when you are able to manifest your future effectively if you put energy into this creative part of your life, and if you believe. Trust your intuition!

Key number 8
You’re likely to have more access to emotional power and your inner executive now. Look back over what you have been creating in the last few months, and know that this is when you were creating your present karma. Reap the harvest of the good, and suck up the bad, philosophically. Keep an eye on your finances and your credit card balance. Money is likely to appear from unexpected quarters, but this is also a time when you may feel expansive and extravagant. Take advantage of new and progressive opportunities as they present themselves. If you pay close attention to what is happening in your inner life, you will notice that you are more confident than you have been for a while. Capitalize on this, focus your energies and push forward, even if sometimes you may feel a little nervous. Approach challenges in a serious and businesslike manner. Take the wheel and drive your destiny, all the while radiating self-confidence and authority. Be fair to the people around you. If you push your own ideas too forcefully, you will create unhappy family members and associates.

Key number 9
Take inventory and clear the decks of what is not working for you. Regret and beating dead horses are useless. This is the time to hold situations and people up to scrutiny and decide whether they should be part of your future. Tie up the loose ends of the past wherever possible. Finish and leave behind attitudes and ideas that have been tripping you up. You may need some support to do this, so it is a good idea to ask for counsel from someone you admire and trust. Be brave enough to give up the relationships that you have outgrown, or are destructive. It’s very important not to carry negative energy into the next period of your life. Don’t let matters drag on. Deal with what you can, and be done with it.

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