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How to dress on Halloween: Cassandra's psychic cycles October 16-31

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"Corn and grain, corn and grain,

All that falls shall rise again."

~harvest chant. 

Above is just part of a chant sung by pagans this time of year.  I like it because it's really all about cycles, which are my passion and the subject of this blog. 


Calculate Your Key Number
To find out what the rest of the month has in store for you, add the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your personal number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life. For more in-depth info, visit here.  

Key number 1

The end contains the seed of the beginning. This cycle month is the end of a nine month chapter of your life. Expect to experience fiery emotions, intense passion, and completions. All that is superfluous must be swept away, to make room for new beginnings, in all parts of your life. Embrace the change!


Key number 2 

For Halloween – a perfect costume for this cycle energy would be the crone – or wise old man.
This is not a Halloween joke. This is actually the beginning of a new life for you. A favorable time to seek advancement in social and business ventures. Ask for what you want. The universe is standing by with pencil poised, ready to fulfill your order. Be specific in your visualizations. Think big! Think of fresh new ideas.
For Halloween – a perfect costume for this cycle energy would be the New Year's baby.

Key number 3

Is your nose growing like Pinocchio? There is a tendency under this cycle energy to be less than truthful in many situations. It may be because you are unwilling to create or face conflict. However, it is better to keep your nose in check and use diplomacy rather than lies. Your intuition it is likely to be very accurate.
Your romantic life is likely to improve as long as you remain authentic.


Key number 4

If your love life has been a little dull, or absent, this is the cycle month to take action. Love and affection rule the vibration of this cycle month, and you will be especially inclined to be sentimental and affectionate. Friends and loved ones benefit from your tender heart.  
Take some time for art appreciation, music or visits to museums or parks. Play, enjoy life, and create opportunities for communication with new people.  
For Halloween – a perfect caution would be a character from the Great Gatsby.


Key number 5

Details! Details! Become accustomed to looking for the horned entity. He will be hiding where you don't expect to find him. Avoid allowing any mistake to slip through your fingers. This is the beginning of a test cycle, and the best way to deal with a test cycle is to be very very persnickety. Other people may feel you are being too precise, but it will be necessary in order to make your way through this interesting and complex month and year.  
For Halloween – your perfect costume would be Alan Greenspan.


Key number 6

Being flexible, and able to turn on a dime, is important for your survival in this new cycle energy. Last month's energy was shaped like a box. Limited and inflexible, with not much space to maneuver. Imagine if you will, decide for the box totally falling away, and finding yourself in a space where you are limitless. Freedom, flexibility, and change, and even a little tendency to rush too much are all aspects of this cycle period.

For Halloween – a perfect costume would be a nomad.


Key number 7

Domestic desires are dominant. It is important in this cycle month to pay attention to the needs of others. This is not only a romantic energy, it is also the energy of being in service to others. Random acts of kindness are recommended, not only for the good karma they garner, but also for the feeling of satisfaction you will experience in going out of your way to be kind to strangers and family members. Your domestic life will demand a great deal from you under this cycle energy, and it will be dominant for the year to come.
For Halloween – a perfect costume would be Cupid.


Key number 8

Spend some time alone during this period. Not on the 31st, of course. Halloween is the perfect time to celebrate the influence of this cycle energy. Put on a costume and go out into the night, or better still, to a party where no one knows you.

Before that, decide what you will study this winter. It's important to add to your knowledge, and to your ability to create. You are in the perfect energy to enjoy middle autumn.

For the 31st you could go happily under the disguise of a monk – or nun.


Key number 9

Pay attention to money matters, look at where you stand with savings, and if unsure seek advice from someone you know is more than you do about finance. Your mind is probably going to be preoccupied with money and the material world. That's where you are supposed to be under this cycle month energy. Don't forget to use this vital energy to advance your own financial stability, and career path. Masquerade as Donald Trump on the 31st. 

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