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Done with winter: Your numerology cycles for February 1 to 13

“Why, what’s the matter, 
That you have such a February face,
So full of frost, of storm, and cloudiness?”
~William Shakespeare

We are spoiled in Vancouver. At least I am. Once January comes to an end, I’m done with winter. February, with its profusion of bleeding hearts in store windows, surrounded by lacy doilies and sentimental love poems, causes me to be impatient and ready for spring. In February, I am ready to put my down coat back in the closet, but I never do.

To find out what February has in store for you, calculate your
key number by adding the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your personal number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life.

Key number 1
Above all, pay attention to your intuition. Under this sensitive cycle energy, you are able to intuit what is best for you in a way that has not been available to you for a long time. If you listen closely, your inner voices will say, “Leave what is not working in your life in the past, and move on.” Spiritual insights, psychological insights, and even financial insights are there for the taking. Re-evaluate close and distant relationships carefully. Strategies that are not working are to be overhauled or disposed of. This applies to personal life, career life and financial life. Clean your emotional closets vigorously.

Key number 2
Adopt the attitude of a toddler, curious, adventurous and willing to explore. Begin new projects, even if they may seem a little risky. Totter out of your usual circle to find out what’s going on outside, and when you find something you want, ask for it. Allow energy and enthusiasm to prevail, and entertain anxiety as if it were excitement—which it often is, if you really look at it. Play some new games in your own consciousness. Write in your journal, and if you do not possess one, get one now! Begin this new chapter of your life as if you were full of the energy of a two-year-old.

Key number 3
Be sweet. Be co-operative. Be available. Stay in the background and support those you care for. Get out of the spotlight and into the shadow of those who presently must be front and center. Your own inner peacemaker will emerge in any situation where you find yourself surrounded by conflict or disagreement. It’s a perfect opportunity to improve relationships with those around you, in professional life, and especially in love life. February is a month for meditating on what you love.

Key number 4
Joy, good cheer and enthusiasm. Time to live on the lighter side. Social life allows your inner butterfly to flutter, and display your beauty, optimism, and good humour. Express your talents shamelessly. Solve problems creatively. A time to play and celebrate, and be sociable. Communication with others will be easier than usual, and you will be extremely effective. Don’t neglect your duty, as there will be work to do, but do it with a good spirit, and find the play in it.

Key number 5
In this, the shortest month, work is the focus. Structures that are now in place will need shoring up and strengthening. Ordering and managing affairs so that they become more streamlined will be necessary, but also easier than imagined. Remain practical and realistic, fair and co-operative, and be willing to put as much energy as possible into achieving perfection. Challenges will emerge from unexpected quarters, but in what seems like difficulty lurks opportunity for expansion.

Key number 6
You are entering the territory of unexpected events. Restless energy is best turned into creative thinking and problem solving. Monitor your tendency to be impatient and quick to speak. Life will deliver twists and turns and unexpected events that may cause you to change direction just when you think you know exactly where you are going. As much as possible, go with the flow. Many unexpected rewards wait for those who are willing to risk following intuition. Expect coincidences, happy and surprising.

Key number 7
You are in the right month at the right time. The cycle energy of this month is all about relationships, home, family and finding your inner counsellor. Love is in the air, Cupid is working overtime, and you are feeling emotional and available. The sensitivity of this month allows you to be a do-gooder with ease and willingness. However at the same time, strong feelings will come to the surface, and if your romantic expectations are not fulfilled, those around you would be well advised to run and avoid the fallout. Romance can be especially beautiful now. But, only if your expectations are realistic.

Key number 8
Channelling your inner hermit will be easy this month. Even the most gregarious souls will feel the effects of this sensitive, introspective and quite unsociable energy. Of course you will not be able to retreat totally. The world is all around us and the demands of our karma pull us out into the hurly-burly. But now is the time for contemplation, introspection, yoga classes, and deep personal inventory. Running away from this energy will result in misunderstandings and upsets on all sides. I’m not suggesting you climb under the duvet and stay there all month. However, wisdom says the wise person knows when to acknowledge an urge to retreat.

Key number 9
Get your materialistic money face on. This is the time to access your inner tycoon, executive, or maybe just the part of you that always wants to be in charge. Organization and power to organize are at your fingertips. The tasks in your life that have been hanging on your bulletin board and ignored are now screaming to be completed. Be sure to display good judgment in the area of your finances, as there will be a tendency to wallow in the joys of spending. Use your plastic wisely and effectively, without exhausting its potential. There is a slight tendency to overlook the needs of others while you are being organized and energetic. Wrong! Use your executive power to do good, and communicate with those who love you.

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