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Deep summer: Your numerology cycles for August 16–31

“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.”

—Sam Keen

The days become noticeably shorter now. Summer fades and autumn stands in the wings, waiting to display her colourful attire.

To find out what the rest of August has in store for you, calculate your key number. Your key number is the key to finding where you are in your cycle. Take the month and day of your birth, add them together and reduced to one digit, and then you have the key to your cycles for the rest of your life. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your key number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have your key number (6).

Key number 1
Restlessness still reigns under this cycle-month energy. Be adaptable, versatile and imaginative in your approach to problem solving. You may add a little pinch of helpfulness and practicality to improve your long-term karma, and to surprise some people in your immediate circle. Remember to try different approaches to the way you solve problems. If you usually drive to work, take transit or try out a bike lane. If a change in transportation is not practical, work a few extra hours or leave early. In any case, be flexible and willing to flow with changing conditions. Take a look at what is holding you back in any part of your life, and come up with an outrageous, unusual and brilliant solution to the problem. This is a time for out-of-the-box thinking. If the box feels too big to climb out of, construct a ladder of creative thoughts. Make a commitment to jazz up your social life. Smile at strangers to see what happens.

Key number 2
In the last two weeks of this unusual summer, it is important for you to stay in balance. You may be melancholy at times, but if you put yourself in service to others, you will probably be able to forget your own issues. Relationship is at the top of your list of priorities. Do something about it. If you are in a relationship presently, do all you can to make it as functional as possible. If you are outside of a relationship, this may be a good time to make a list of what it is you require in a relationship to make you happy. Family and loved ones are bound to weigh heavily under this cycle energy. Do not run away. Take on your burden cheerfully, and be willing to make a difference in the lives of others. This continues to be an excellent time to develop your inner domestic. You may want to stay close to home, and, in fact, it is recommended that you do. At the same time, avoid becoming one pointed. Take care of your own needs, especially your physical needs.

Key number 3
In the second half of this month, you should have an increased understanding and awareness of who you really are. As in the first two weeks, you may feel a little less energetic than you usually do. If you are slower than usual in bouncing into the world in the morning, use your getting-up procrastination time to visualize and plan to actualize your future. You must continue to be careful to avoid misunderstandings, and it could be a good idea to remind your friends and family that you are in a hermit cycle month. Concentrate on honing your intellectual abilities and spiritual tendencies. This is a good time to study or research almost any subject, or to make plans to study in the future. Under this cycle energy, you are encouraged to think about how to create a longer and more flexible physical body. Yoga and nature walks are highly recommended. This is a time to avoid frivolous activities, video games and shopping.

Key number 4
In the second half of August, you should feel powerful and decisive. You are under the energy of a harvest vibration, and, in many cases, what you have been trying to accomplish will come to fruition. Under this energy, you will be generous with your time and your financial resources. If you feel you are moving into temptation, leave your credit cards at home, or, at the very least, think before you go overboard. In your relationships, you may be slightly controlling. Your inner executive will be at work, organizing, suggesting and generally being a little too autocratic. It is possible for money to appear from unexpected sources if you planted positive money seeds in the past. This is also a time when you are able to take advantage of new and progressive opportunities that may seem to appear out of the blue. Remember that this is a harvest cycle, so what shows up in your life is the result of attitudes and ideas you put into motion several months ago.

Key number 5
This month is the end of a minor cycle in your cycle pattern. For this reason, you will experience some confusion, and perhaps melancholy. On a deep level, you will understand that it is a time to let go. Ruthless self-appraisal will be useful. If you are unable to hold your own feet to the fire, seek the advice of someone who does not have the same investment in your involvements as you do. Look deeply at relationships, both professional and personal, and be honest with yourself. Spend as much time as possible in reflection, and listen deeply to your inner voices, even when you wish they would go away. Under this cycle energy, it is important to clean the slate, to make room for what is new and intense in the next cycle month.

Key number 6
You may feel as if you are herding cats as you try to organize new ideas and begin new projects. As difficult as it may be to adopt a disciplined and rigorous approach to creating your future at this time, it is extremely important to avoid being scattered. New thoughts will pop up like mushrooms on a summer lawn. Remember that not all fungi are edible, and new ideas, regardless of how appealing they may seem, will not flourish unless you have the time and energy to grow them. Try to put energy and attention into creating realistic goals. At the same time, this is a cycle energy in which your charisma will be at its height. You will also be seen, at least by some, as a wisdom figure. Your sharp intuition will be useful in advising others, but remember to keep your boundaries in place, as you may feel that you can do it all for everyone, but this will not be true in most cases. Use your inner wisdom and discretion to decide where your energy is best placed.

Key number 7
In the last part of the month, be as quiet as possible. Patience is a virtue, and in the energy of this cycle month, being patient and virtuous is strongly advised. Remember, it is important to be independent and to be clear with your boundaries, but it is also very important to pay attention to family and friends, and even the community. Adaptability and consideration of others will be very much appreciated by those in your circle. Under this cycle energy, you will have a tendency to exaggerate and to speak less than the truth in situations where you are likely to be held to account. On the other hand, remember the world will be a better place because of your ability to be loyal and to stand by those who need you.

Key number 8
Under this energy, you can express yourself more easily than you have for several months, and you are likely to have good luck in many areas of your life, especially around communication and creativity. Even if things go awry, you will have a wonderful resiliency, and an ability to bounce back quickly and even see the bright side of karmic lessons. That is, if you are able to overcome your tendency towards moodiness. This month contains is a fiery energy for you, so think before you speak and think before you make commitments. Only commit to actions that you are willing to follow to the end. In the meantime, dance and sing and make merry while you can, as next month is a hard-working, serious and much less volatile energy.

Key number 9
For its last two weeks, this month continues to be about attention to detail and responsibility. Yes, it is summer, but under this cycle energy, it is unwise to slack off. Work as hard as you can to create balance, and remember to take care of all the details, in all parts of your life. Cross the t’s and dot the i’s, floss and go to the gym. Be law-abiding—no U-turns at traffic lights, or you will get a ticket for sure. At the same time, this month contains an earth vibration, and is very sensual and sexual. Have fun with this, but only after all your duties are complete. Remember that you’re in a test cycle month, and flirtations or liaisons outside integrity will bring bad karma in the future.

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