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Beautiful summer: your numerology cycle August 1 - 15

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If ever there was a cycle month in which it would be an advantage to be philosophical, this is it. Think nonattachment. Don't fight the inevitable. Although at times it's hard to admit that certain things are not working for you. When you finally tell yourself the truth you will experience a great deal of freedom. This is a time for letting go and making space for new ideas and new projects, next month. In most situations when you allow yourself to let go, new opportunities and new interests expand into the space you have created. Make a special effort to hold onto people and ideas that are working for you. Expect lots of emotional drama to accompany this cycle month. It may be exhausting, but it will be important for you to do whatever you can to keep your feelings under control. Be especially careful not to let your temper get out of hand. Try, as much as possible to be sensitive tactful and compassionate to those who you must dismiss or recategorize.


Key number 5.

Allow your imagination to run wild. This cycle month is all about new beginnings, new opportunities, and new enthusiasms. Be careful not to overwhelm those around you with your vision of your new life. Implement new ideas as they occur to you, and spend time looking for new opportunities in social and career life. Be open to taking risks, but don't go overboard. Under this cycle energy there is a tendency to be impulsive and to leap before you look. You will feel quite independent, so it's important to watch for opportunities that allow you to do things in your own unique way, however do not forget that other people are involved in your life, and be careful not to let them feel left behind. Stand up for yourself, emphasize your individuality without riding roughshod over those who may have different ideas about how your goals should be accomplished.


Key number 6.

Keep a box of tissues close at hand as this is one of the most sensitive cycle months you will have experienced for a long time. Stay out of the limelight, or if you accidentally find yourself in its glare, use your charm and diplomacy to communicate who you are.

For the most part though, it's important to keep a low profile. Remember the tall poppies. You can step out and help others though, being supportive, staying in the background, and making peace especially in family matters, which will come quite naturally to you under this cycle energy. You will probably surprise yourself with your abundance of wisdom, especially in dealing with what may seem like an unsolvable problem in your family life. Humility and willingness to listen are the key elements to navigate this surprisingly quiet but emotionally turbulent energy.


Key number 7.

Your inner Pied Piper is ready to lead friends and loved ones into the land of optimism and opportunity. Get out your most rosy of rose-colored glasses and review the future with optimism. Being positive, and not cranky can change the direction of your whole destiny. Some balancing may be necessary between the side of your nature which can create anything it desires, and the other side which does not believe you can create anything. Taking good care of your health this month can be very important in making sure that what you want to create will come to pass. Make some time for social life. This is a time for joyful celebration of the last part of the summer.


Key number 8.

It's summer but your cycle energy demands you keep your focus on duty and hard work. If you are willing to ignore the seduction of summer and keep your nose to the grindstone, great benefits will accrue in the future. Pay attention to your physical body. Ignore the ice cream truck, burgers, or fish and chips on the beach. Eat your vegetables, salads and fruit, and get lots of exercise. This is the very best strategy for surviving this cycle which can be extremely challenging. Tact and keeping your promises will make life much easier. If you stray from this discipline you are in trouble.


Key number 9.

The energy of this cycle month is very different from last month. Rather than forcing yourself to work at mundane tasks, you would be wiser to go out and explore the world and redraw your boundaries. This is a wonderful cycle month for exploration and travel, or adventure of any kind. Watch a tendency to be critical or sarcastic. You may find judgment or criticism falling out of your mouth and into situations that will get you into a great deal of trouble in your personal or romantic life. When someone asks you how they look, be tactful. In most cases telling the absolute truth is very important, but in this cycle month, a little tact will go a long way to keeping your life pleasant and harmonious.







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