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Allow your inner child to write to Santa: your numerology cycles for December 1–15

How did it get so late so soon? It’s December. Whatever cycle year you have been inhabiting throughout 2012 is almost over. The beginning of January marks the beginning of a whole new chapter of your life. So aside from presents, parties, Christmas trees, roadside checks and holiday stress, it's time to think about your new life. Take time over the holiday season to make some notes about what you want the universe to deliver for you in this next year. Not to sound too woo woo, but actually putting your in life order helps. Think of this as allowing your inner child to write to Santa.

To find out what December has in store for you, calculate your key number by adding the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your personal number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life.

Key number 1
December is an important month for you. Not only is it the end of the calendar year, but it’s the end of your cycle year and an ending cycle month as well. So to state the obvious, you can expect a few endings in personal and professional life. The end contains the seed of the beginning, though, and as you are shedding aspects of the past, new beginnings will begin to poke their little green heads through the compost of what you complete and discard.

Key number 2
It’s not a perfect time for new beginnings, considering all the holiday distractions, nevertheless, that is what is necessary in this month for you. Perhaps that only means getting a head start on your New Year’s resolutions, but whenever you do it, start over in some aspect of your life. The good thing about this new beginning cycle occurring in this month is that you should have lots and lots of energy. Personal relationships are particularly important to everyone now, but especially you. Remember the old adage about walking a few miles in someone else’s Uggs.

Key number 3
Be prepared for things to slow down this month. Not socially, of course, but all other aspects of your life will demand that you exercise patience. If you are not a particularly patient person, this is a time to practise. There may be some delays in plans that you would like to put into motion, but this is a good time to just take your time. Take care of details, especially in family life. You are emotionally vulnerable now, so allow for that. Avoid drastic changes in your relationships. Stay in the background as much as possible while making good things happen in the area of harmony and cooperation, especially in family matters.

Key number 4
Keep your superficial and frivolous activities to a reasonable minimum, and at the same time remain in the holiday spirit. Sounds unreasonable, right? Unfortunately it is that kind of month, so don’t lose sight of money matters in spite of all the activity. Place considerable emphasis on your creative talents, make use of imagination and inspirational aspects of your character, look for possibilities for advancement and recognition, and remember to spend some time improving your appearance. Take care not to scatter your energies recklessly.

Key number 5
It is holiday season but it is still important to complete all your work as it occurs, and, in many instances, to build a secure base for the future. This is a social time, and though it is important to socialize with family and friends, you are in a test cycle month, and for that reason, order and systems are important. Even if you are responsible for planning Christmas dinner, you must do it in an extremely organized fashion. Concentrate on the work that must be done, whether mental or physical. Be prepared for some long days of hard work and perhaps even tight schedules. Believe it or not, the harder you work in this period of time, the happier you will be.

Key number 6
Take time off work if you possibly can. This is a time to revel in freedom and expand your horizons. Keep an open mind, and be as adventurous and flexible as possible. Make constant use of your imagination and your creative approach to problem solving, and muster as much resourcefulness as you can. Events will move at a fast pace. Watch for opportunities outside the box. Changes in attitudes, inside of you and in and your environment, are likely. Keep your eyes open for new and exciting friends. Take social risks.

Key number 7
Enjoy concentrating on duties and obligations to your family and close friends. This is a time when your success and happiness is very much related to your willingness to give of yourself. You must be of service! You may find a considerable number of responsibilities on your shoulders, especially in the area of home and family. You should enjoy being there for others, but remember to take their needs into consideration and avoid being too controlling. Try to understand, respect and consider everyone’s needs.

Key number 8
As much as this is a social season, allowing some snuggle-down time is an absolute necessity for you this month. Celebrations are inevitable at this time of year but your cycle energy demands at least some time to think deeply, contemplate and reflect. You will have a natural desire to know more. Watch out, Google, here you come! Within that curiosity, you will want to become better acquainted with your own powers, past accomplishments and future desires. Explain to loved ones that you need just a little time to yourself. Otherwise you will be awarded the Grinch suit.

Key number 9
This is an exciting month for you. Along with an uncontrollable urge to spend, you are likely to be very attractive to interesting people. You are in your power, especially in the career aspect of life. In this area you can accomplish a great deal, even though this time of the year may seem like a dead zone because of the festivities, remember that holiday parties are a great place for networking. Volunteer to be the designated driver, stay sober and work whatever room you find yourself in. Long-term benefits will accrue.

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