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Back to reality: Your numerology cycles for January 16–31

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Expect to be sensitive under the energy of this cycle month. And expect those around you to be sensitive, too. You—or people close to you—may be feeling more touchy and vulnerable than usual. Try not to take everything personally. Do not make big problems out of small problems. Don’t be surprised if you feel teary at times. This month contains a water-element energy, and for that reason, it is also important to take care of your lungs and kidneys. Avoid exposing yourself to wet weather unless you are properly dressed for it. Strive to be tactful, even when it may seem more sensible to speak out. In career or business life, be patient. If you try to push things forward, you will fail. Be available to help friends and loved ones whenever they may need you. Overall, this is a time of extreme sensitivity, and perhaps even some anxiety. But like all cycle energies, it will pass.

Key number 6
The energy of this cycle month brings courageousness and a sense of lightness and optimism. Open spaces to experience pleasure in the physical realm and experimentation in the emotional realm. Be sociable! Being a wallflower will cause you to wilt under this gregarious and communicative cycle energy. Although this is a party energy and you will be compelled to socialize, be aware of overindulgence and extravagance. Finances may seem less important now than they do under other energies, but bank accounts can be fragile entities so be careful not to overwork them. This is a time to have fun, but it is not a time to waste money. Stay away from negative people under this energy. Concentrate on spreading sunshine wherever you go.

Key number 7
With all the work you are doing this month, it is easy to feel boxed in. For this reason, work at being flexible, especially in the way you regard the work. If you take it on cheerfully—and truth be told, there is a lot of satisfaction and hard work under the energy of this cycle month—it will make life easier on you and those around you. This is also a very physical energy. Physical exercise and work are quite satisfying now, but satiating the physical side of your nature is extremely satisfying as well. Whatever you need to do to make your body feel good—massage, sports (indoor or out), etc.—will make this an easier and happier beginning to your new cycle year.

Key number 8
As you did in the first two weeks of January, continue to flow with changing conditions. Twists and turns of this cycle month may prove a little unnerving, but it is best to be as flexible as you can possibly manage. Clean up all conditions that tend to hold you back. Experiment with new ideas, in all areas of your life. Take advantage of new experiences as they are offered. Social activities of the most exciting kind are likely to pop up when you least expect them. This is a time to grow, expand your vision and enjoy freedom. Let go of old, entrenched ideas. Let the adaptable and resourceful side of your helpful nature rein. While you are delighting in a variety of experiences, keep your eyes open for romantic opportunities. When they do pop up under this extremely flexible energy, romantic opportunities may be of short duration but they are bound to add to your understanding of the joy of living.

Key number 9
As in the first half of January, this continues to be a cycle month in which your relationships with people will be at the forefront. At the beginning of your new year, it’s possible to work successfully on any relationship that has fallen out of harmony. Be available to those who need you, but at the same time, avoid becoming a doormat. Don’t let friends or family take advantage of your good nature. Be as open as you can with your emotions. Share your feelings with people you trust, including your family members. Concentrate on understanding the feelings of others and the situations they are in. In case you haven’t realized it yet, the major focus of this cycle energy is on duties related to your home, family and personal relationships. No matter how crowded your schedule becomes with duties or good works, take some time for yourself. This is a particularly good cycle energy for travelling with people you care about, including family members.



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