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Thank goodness for the rain: Your numerology cycles for November 16–30

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Under the energy of this cycle month, expect heightened emotions and much sensitivity. You, or those close to you, may feel more touchy than usual. Don’t feel surprised if you don’t feel as energetic as you usually do. This month contains a slow, deliberate energy, but you can accomplish a great deal can be within it. Continue to be nice. This is a good time for you to be the negotiator and the mediator in your family or close circle. You have a real talent for making peace now, so utilize it even if you think you should keep your opinions to yourself. In career life, wait while ventures and ideas develop at their own pace. Practise patience, even though it may not be easy for you.

Key number 6
Watch while some of your past hard work blossoms now. Water these flowers with humour and good nature. Use your charisma to influence those around you. Avoid scattering your energies too widely. Work at completing projects that you have already begun. Take good care of your physical body and avoid overindulging, especially in foods that lack real nourishment. Be sociable! This is a time for your inner butterfly to flap her wings and create hurricanes of activity, both in career and social life. Avoid a tendency to gossip or indulge in too much small talk. This is an exceptionally happy time if you work at focusing your energy, and stay focused on creating positive outcomes for all concerned. Work hard at charming people you come in contact with. Your charisma will be sharp as a machete, cutting away obstacles as they arise in your path.

Key number 7
This continues to be an energy in which it’s important to get a great deal of work done. Watching details, and making sure everything you do is done perfectly will bring rewards in the future. Analyze, organize and schedule your life, minute by minute. Take a close look at projects and relationships that are already happening and see what you can do to reinforce the foundation of the ventures. This is the time to find cracks if they have appeared, and to repair, wherever possible. The pace of this month may seem slower than you would like, but exercising patience is part of this test cycle month and that is what you must do if you want to come out the other end of the month in one piece. If you begin to feel overwhelmed by the amount of detail work that must be done, do not hesitate to enlist the help of a detail-oriented friend.

Key number 8
Continue to live outside the box and flow with changing conditions. Be original and dynamic in all you do, and you will attract opportunities that you have not dreamed of. If you tend to be shy, this is the time to take steps to remedy this problem. Think about a public speaking course, or a course in pole dancing; anything that causes you to look at life from a different perspective is healthy under the energy of this cycle month. Work on your social life. You will be braver than usual, and even introverts can be extroverts now, so use your newly available extroversion to start conversations in situations where you would usually be silent. In all this exciting energy, it is necessary for you to move carefully in the physical world. Haste makes waste, and often results in broken limbs. Be adventurous—but prudent.

Key number 9
As in the first two weeks of November, continue to be unselfish, charitable and a homebody. Under the energy of this cycle month, it is important for you to be there for others. Be thorough and conscientious in your work life, and complete all you begin. Under this energy, there is a temptation to meddle in the affairs of others. There is also a tendency to think that you can solve the problems of others. You must be a listener, but listening and supporting are not the same energy as that of the controller. Help others where you can, but only do it in a spirit of nonattachment. This month contains a romantic energy and involvements of all kinds can crop up. If you are already in a relationship, this is a time to work at creating balance, and it is also a time to show your affection and regard for loved ones, especially in romantic life. Home is an important value in this energy. Even if you live alone, put energy into making your living environment harmonious and comfortable.

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