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Prepare for the intense energy of September: Your numerology cycles for September 1–15

It is September and the energy is intense. Prepare for an interesting and somewhat bumpy ride because whatever cycle energy you have been experiencing this year will manifest ninefold throughout this month. Most people think September is intense because it is the end of the summer. Numerologist know that the ninth month has an additional kind of intense magic. Whatever you have been doing and feeling this year will be in your face during September.

To find out what September has in store for you, calculate your key number by adding the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your personal number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life.

Key number 1
If you think this has been an interesting and unpredictable year so far, just wait until you get deeper into this month. The cycle energy you will experience now is wild and full of unpredictability. You will feel restless, creative, and perhaps even a little bit lustful. This has been a year for stirring things up—keep stirring! That’s what this energy is all about. Do some travelling or risk-taking. Perhaps not in the stock market, better in the creative realm. I call it mental white-water rafting.

Key number 2
You should be the queen/king of the house mice under the energy of this cycle month, clinging to home like a life raft on a stormy sea. Relationships will require attention and you will need skill to negotiate the stormy waters of family life. Be charitable, not only by giving but also by giving those around you the benefit of the doubt. Though not everyone under this energy will be returning to school, it is a wonderful time for learning. Put your energy into thinking about how you can further your education or add to it. Cooking, cleaning and changing your home environment will be extremely satisfying.

Key number 3
Be good to yourself this month: keep quiet, remembering that what you say or do may easily be misunderstood. If you have something to say to someone close to you, think carefully before you open your mouth as the results could be disastrous. You may have noticed during the year that you have needed peace and tranquility more than you usually do. This is a natural manifestation of the sensitive, spiritual energy that you are experiencing this year and this month. This is a good time for travel, especially if you are going alone. Re-evaluation of all parts of your life is absolutely necessary now. The questions “Who am I? Where am I going? And what do I want in my life from this time forward?” are uppermost and must be attended to. Listen to your intuition it is as sharp as the sting of jellyfish tendrils.

Key number 4
Organize! You will do it (organize) whether you plan to or not. It is the natural way to express yourself under the influence of the very strong harvest energy that you are experiencing now. All that you have learned over the last few months is now available for your inner executive to use. You may be overwhelming at times, enthusiastic about new ideas or how to reorganize the world. Limit yourself to managing your own path. You should be brilliant in your ability to delegate tasks to others. Be wary of overspending or growing too quickly.

Key number 5
This is a completion month. Under the energy of this cycle month you should notice projects or ideas that need to be surrendered. Where you have struggled to push something forward in your life and have not been able to succeed, this is probably the time to let it go, and move forward to new projects next month. Also, give yourself credit for how far you have come and which goals you have been able to accomplish. It is time now to take inventory and decide where you are succeeding and where you are not. This is an emotional, sensitive and volatile month. Keep your temper; count to 10 when you feel impatient with people who are not as perceptive as you are.

Key number 6
Throughout this year you have had the opportunity to start your life over. This month, that opportunity is even more intensely available than it has been for the last nine years. You do the math. This is definitely a time for new beginnings. If you have been playing with ideas for projects or dreams that you would like to accomplish, this is the time to act. You don’t have to do the whole enchilada—but plant the seeds for the ingredients of the enchilada. You will notice that you feel hopeful and excited under any other emotion. Dig down deep until you find that hopefulness. That is the true emotion of this time.

Key number 7
This is a sensitive month. Under the energy of this cycle month you are unlikely to feel aggressive. Being co-operative and available to help others move their projects forward will work best for you. Stay in the background and don’t talk about yourself or your projects. At the same time, this is a good energy in which to form new friendships or renew old ones. Explore the possibility of partnerships with acquaintances or partners. In romantic life, you will be extremely sensitive, but you will also be very accommodating. This, of course, could make you very popular. Avoid being a wimp in romantic life. This is the only part of your life where it is wise to be courageous.

Key number 8
The energy of this cycle month can allow you to spread joy and happiness everywhere you turn. Unless you are cranky. There isn’t much in-between energy under the influence of this cycle month. You will be joyful or as grumpy as a bear with a sore paw. Try to fall on the joyful side if you can. This is an intense energy and a time when you can be the life of the party. Cultivate the society of old friends and make some new ones. Expect romantic interludes. Enjoy travel as much as possible. Put energy into creative projects, especially those involving communication. It will be easy for you to talk, talk, talk about almost anything.

Key number 9

Though it feels as if summer has just arrived in Vancouver—Indian summer, at least—you will probably have a great deal of work to do. There will be a few times during this month when you will have a tight schedule that may feel somewhat limiting. Do the work that has to be done, like stabilizing ventures that are already in process. Your adaptability should be extremely helpful in communication, but you may be impatient with those who are not on the same page. Curb your tongue—criticizing people who are not as work oriented under this energy will get you nowhere. Take frequent breaks; it’s good for your blood pressure.

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