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Raccoon season is upon us: your numerology cycles for June 16–30

June is definitely raccoon season in Kitsalino. Every evening last summer, a raccoon hung from the rafters of a house in my neighbourhood, driving the crows insane. Last week, as I was walking my dog, an animal came from under a car and crossed in front of us. I was just thinking, “What a brave cat, to run in front of an unknown human and dog,” when I realized it was not a cat at all. It was five o’clock in the afternoon. What could that raccoon have been thinking? We live with these creatures who, for the most part, have invisible lives, at least to us. I couldn’t help wondering if perhaps there is a family of daredevil raccoons in our neighbourhood.

To find out what the rest of June has in store for you, calculate your key number by adding the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your personal number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life.

Key number 1
Continue to be diplomatic and talk sweetly to those around you. Creating balance and harmony wherever you can will be the best and happiest way to handle the energy of this cycle month. Push forward any projects begun last month, but push gently. Can your down coat or vest go into the closet yet? If not, think about what you will be wearing when you can finally put it away. When summer arrives for good, you’ll want to look your best. Even tattoos need neat threads to show them off.

Key number 2
Put as much energy as possible into your social life in this cycle month. Meeting people who can be helpful to your future, especially in professional life, is a distinct possibility. You will have a tendency to talk too much. During these last days of June, finding the balance between partying happily and revealing too much will still be a bit challenging. This is a great time to find your inner artist. Write in a journal, paint or find some way to express your creativity. Solving problems creatively is also an art.

Key number 3
For the rest of June, tests and challenges will continue to crop up, and while shoulder massages will help, the only solution to these tests under this cycle energy is to continue to behave like an efficient little beaver. Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s is an absolute necessity. Avoid details at your peril. All this said, the romantic side of your nature will throw tantrums if it is not satisfied. Lingerie drawers should be inspected in anticipation of use. Cleaning closets and office space is highly recommended. The orderly bird gets the worm under this energy.

Key number 4
The energy of this cycle month will continue to be chaotic. Restlessness may lead you off the beaten track. This can also apply to creative thinking. Under this energy, you will be more likely to take risks in business or personal life that have been too scary to approach in the past. Personal development courses, flirtations, a flutter on the stock market—all these things are appealing in the wild and sometimes unexpected energy of this cycle month. Physically, you may want to try out something different: Pilates instead of strength training, yoga if you have been running, kettle bells to replace tennis. In other words, mix it up, try new things, be adventurous emotionally and physically.

Key number 5
Continue to act as a domestic god or goddess. Home is where the heart is and it is a good idea to park the rest of your body there as well. Under the energy of this cycle month you will still be sensitive. Avoid picking bones, even if you find them under your pillow. Family continues to take center stage, so relationships with coworkers or colleagues will require some special navigation. Stay in integrity in communications with those around you even though you may have a soft touch for a sad story.

Key number 6
This month, your intuition will be clear if you pause to listen to it. Continue to expect synchronicities, and honour them by taking notes. Long walks and yoga classes are still strongly advised. The energy of this cycle month is cerebral as well as spiritual, so detaching from iPhones or BlackBerries, even for short periods, is worth the experiment. There is a large, unusually shaped building in the middle of Vancouver; it’s called a library. If you haven’t visited, or haven’t visited for a long while, this is the proper energy for exploring it and similar institutions. Not to mention churches, temples, mosques and meeting houses. Make the most of this spiritual energy and honour your intuition at all costs.

Key number 7
For the rest of June, you will continue to be a powerhouse, organizing and perhaps overpowering everything in sight. Take it easy on anyone you may have power over. Remain focused, and put real effort into relationships and your career. Watch carefully what is occurring in your life as it is the result of seeds that were planted in the past. This applies especially to your financial life. If you are not happy with what you see, take responsibility for where you are and move on. You will be very persuasive under this energy, so if there is someone you want to persuade, this is a time to take on the challenge.

Key number 8
Keep a positive mental outlook. Be optimistic and determined otherwise your emotions may overwhelm you. Keep your boundaries in place—excessive compassion is dangerous, especially if it strengthens you beyond your reasonable capabilities. All that does not bring strength to your life should be dispensed with. Continue to clean your closets. You may experience some moodiness, but this comes with the territory of this cycle month. Saying goodbye can be difficult, but in situations where things are not working out, it may be necessary. Be brave in reviewing your relationships. This is not an energy for the faint of heart.

Key number 9
Continue to look forward. Don’t look back and drag the past into the present—that can be disastrous. New opportunities are waiting to be discovered, so keep your eyes open and your ears perked like a German Shepherd. You are creating your future with every thought and deed you perform. An optimistic attitude will continue to be your best tool for making the future what you want it to be. No dream is beyond reason. Reason kills magic. The universe is standing by, pen poised, ready to take your order. Don’t linger too long over your selection.

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