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What happens to young women and men during the spring?: Your numerology cycles for April 16–30

“April . . . Hath put a spirit of youth in everything.”
—William Shakespeare

Now that we are totally up to our ears in Vancouver’s pink snow, we begin to believe that the miracle of spring is actually here, and you know what happens to a young woman’s fancy in this season. And a young man’s, too.

To find out what the rest of April has in store, calculate your key number by adding the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your personal number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life.

Key number 1
Continue your real and metaphoric closet cleaning. Whatever is not working in your life—whether it be clothing, situations or people—must be realistically examined at this time. Emotions will run high, but it is paramount that you create a space in which to make a new beginning. Be ruthless if you must, but leave the past behind and make a fresh, new space for the new beginnings that will occur next month.

Key number 2
You will be a magnet for all that is new and full of promise. Continue to look for new projects during these last two weeks of April. Avoid investing in short-range possibilities, though; instead, plan for the future. Career opportunities, new relationships and new friendships are all possible, and even likely, in this fortunate time. Don’t be a coach potato. The energy of this cycle month demands full participation.

Key number 3
This is a time to wait while ventures that you began last month develop. Be co-operative,  helpful and willing to work in the background. Avoid impatience, as things are likely to move slowly but steadily. You will continue to be extremely sensitive, so be kind to yourself and avoid taking on more than you can handle emotionally. Stay in integrity, even though creative fiction may seem to bring better results. Nose-growing responses can be easier than telling the truth, but they are more dangerous in the long run.

Key number 4
The energy of the rest of April is a light, fun-loving energy. Spring in Vancouver, when it’s not raining, is a time to express exhilarating enthusiasm and the joy of living. It is also a time to expand and develop opportunities involving your creative talents. This is a wonderful time to venture out into the world, especially to cheerful and optimistic environments—so travel at this time, alone if you must, and make friends everywhere. Your charm and optimism will draw people to you. Watch for opportunities to create romantic interludes. Though this is a time for fun and adventure, avoid extravagance at all costs. In relationships, keep the green-eyed monster in her cave.

Key number 5
Don’t depend on luck or dreams at this time—they won’t be much help. What will work now (as it did during the first two weeks of April) is being orderly efficient, economical and rational. If you aren’t interested in managing your own affairs, this is the time to find someone who does enjoy orderly pursuits. You may feel a little restricted during this period and you may even be tempted to break out of your routine. If you can restrain yourself until next month, there will be lots of freedom and flexibility available then. You will still appreciate affection, of the physical kind, in this last half of April.

Key number 6
For the last two weeks of April, you will continue to delight in a variety of experiences. It is a good time to experiment with new opportunities, interests and even activities. Expect the unexpected, and be as flexible as possible when usual patterns are disturbed. Under this energy chaos is your friend: creativity emerges out of chaos. You are likely to be appealing to the opposite sex and romance will come your way enjoy it, but be careful not to get too involved too quickly. Remember not to exercise personal freedom at the expense of others. Be good, and be careful. while enjoying the volatile energy of this cycle month.

Key number 7
Don’t let your friends take advantage of your generous nature while you’re under the influence of this cycle month. Although you may be tempted to give more of yourself than is sensible, remember that doormats are not sexy, or appreciated. Making sacrifices comes with the territory of this month, but keeping your dignity will keep you from being frustrated and resentful. Expect to feel emotional; it’s almost unavoidable. Being open about who you are will cause you to receive affection and love. If you are a single, this is a good time to go hunting through dating sites, and even agreed to that blind date your friend has been trying to talk you into. Career life will perk along slowly but must not be neglected under this emotional vibration.

Key number 8
You may feel less energetic now than you usually do. This is natural under the energy of this cycle month. It is important to allow time for rest, relaxation and contemplation. Let your friends and family know that you need time to yourself. You are easily misunderstood under this vibration, so it is better to warn those around you that you are going to be a bit weird until the end of the month. Avoid misunderstandings by being as clear as possible in your communication, especially over email. If you play the energy of this month properly, you should come out of April with an increased understanding of yourself and your abilities. Set some new goals for yourself. This is an excellent time for study or research.

Key number 9
Continue to dramatically move forward with all the energy at your command. This month has a harvest energy and it is a time to bring to the forefront what you have been working on. Continue to pay attention to your finances, and work on accomplishing what’s most important to you in financial and career life. Remember to be tactful. Under the energy of this month, you might let your leadership ability get out of hand. Pay attention to family and close friends, and be as co-operative as you possibly can be. But avoid meddling, even though you may feel you have answers to problems that no one else can see. Buy something nice for yourself. You deserve it.

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