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Crocuses and cycles: Your numerology cycles for April 1–15

First the howling blizzard woke us,
Then the rain came down to soak us,
And now before the eye can focus—
—Lilja Rogers

The “howling blizzard” part of that little piece may not totally apply to the past season, but the rain coming down to soak us certainly does, and now the crocuses—along with cherry blossoms, magnolias, pansies, and on and on. Vancouver in spring is a pink and green vision.

To find out what the cycle month of April has in store for you, calculate your key number by adding the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your personal number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life.

Key number 1
You know that little black dress that you have been hoping to fit into for years? Or perhaps those leather pants? Well, this is the time to give up on them. Throw them out and start over with your wardrobe. You are at the end of the minor cycle, which brings you to a point where it is important to look at the past, clear what is not working, and make space for the future.  

Key number 2
This month marks a time of exciting change, dramatic progress, and new beginnings. Anything that you begin now of a constructive nature — or nonconstructive, for that matter — will have a significant effect on your future. This is the beginning of the new minor cycle. Plant new seeds for what you want to develop your life, romantically, financially, or at the gym. Really—I said gym partly because this is a time when your energy should be at an all-time high. Use it, or lose it for the next nine months.

Key number 3
This is a month to be the a wallflower. You are sensitive, so if you are sensible you will keep your head down. Keep tissue close at hand. You are likely to be affected emotionally by anything sentimental or sad. Even Telus commercials, with those cute little animals running around, may cause you to turn into a pool of butter. Speaking of butter, you’ll have a tendency under the energy of this cycle month to like all things rich: food, clothing, or, in some cases, that tasty but oh-so-unwise romantic possibility. Be sensible, co-operative, and sweet.

Key number 4
Shake out your social-butterfly wings; they will be important this month. There is work to be done, but it must be balanced with creativity and fun, otherwise you may feel sorry for yourself. Avoid scattering your energy too thin. Use imagination to solve problems, and charm people into doing things that you may not be willing to do yourself — you have the capacity to be extremely manipulative this month. Use this ability with integrity — but enjoy it a little, too.

Key number 5
This is a time to keep your nose to the grindstone. Not good news, perhaps, but appropriate advice for the work, work energy you will be labouring under all month. Order and systems will save you, and you will be inclined to deal with the energy of this cycle month that way, even if it’s not your usual modus operandi. Being a busy beaver will bring a great deal of satisfaction, especially taking care of organizational and management duties. Although there will be less than the usual time for personal pleasure, it’s important to plan some time to physically care for yourself. You will appreciate massage, pampering, and physical affection under this authoritative energy.

Key number 6
Under the energy of this cycle month, you will revel in freedom and expand your horizons. Keep an open mind, and concentrate on feeling loose and free. Take risks. In your daily life, be as adventurous and flexible as you possibly can. Make constant use of your imagination to solve problems as they arise. Idea-producing and problem-solving in the most original ways will come naturally. In the midst of all this fun and freedom, you will be slightly accident prone. Be cautious while participating in extreme sports, and avoid applying makeup when while driving. Life will deliver twists and turns, and unexpected events.

Key number 7
This is a month to concentrate on your home life. Duties and obligations are part of the energy of this cycle month, and you may find that your success and happiness are related to your willingness to give of yourself. Don’t be surprised if you find lots of responsibilities in your life at this time. Wet shoulders, as a result of the people who will cry on them, come with the territory of this energy. You will be the mother, nurse, teacher, and nurturer, so live with it. Cooking and housekeeping will bring joy to some people under this energy. For others, romance is the focus. Longed-for relationships can come to fruition now, especially for those who play the role of the domestic god or goddess.

Key number 8
The energy of this cycle month should not be used for making dramatic changes. This month is a time when you should ask, more than once, who am I, where am I going, and what do I want in my life from this time forward? If it is not a time to answer, it just a time to keep asking. That doesn’t make much sense, I know, but this is the time for deep reflection about the meaning of your life. Spiritual energy will be persistently available, and this is an excellent time to begin following the spiritual path. Become better acquainted with your own power, past accomplishments, and future desires. In all areas of your life, this is a good time to increase your knowledge and improve your talents. Listen to your intuition; it will be sharper than it has been for months.

Key number 9
The energy of this month is a very special energy. You are likely to have more power, especially in business or organizational affairs, than you have had for a long time. Take advantage of new and progressive opportunities as they come your way. This is a good time to invest, start a new business, buy a business, or ask for a raise. You will be efficient and organized, and you will stand out as the leader under this energy. Clarify your goals while you are feeling strong and powerful. You may radiate authority under this energy, but be careful not to be energetic to the point that you trample others. That being said, it’s important to focus on career life, and pursue career and financial goals vigorously. Balance your financial affairs and avoid overspending.

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