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New beginnings: Your numerology cycles for March 16–31

Eggs, fertility and new wardrobes are all symbols of new beginnings, and that’s what this part of the month is about. We move into spring and feel blessed that, in spite of the rain, our winter is almost over. In olden times, new clothes were necessary to signal to the universe that you were in harmony with new beginnings. The old clothes were often burned. What a great excuse for a shopping spree.

To find out what the rest of March has in store, calculate your key number by adding the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your personal number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life.

Key number 1
In the last two weeks of March, you will continue to be powerful, particularly in business or organizational matters. Many of your ongoing ideas, including projects started a few months ago, can now be expanded or reorganized. This is a time to develop positive potential and enjoy watching the seeds of your positive ideas blossom. Remember to keep watching your financial picture. In this time when you may feel very fortunate, share the wealth but remember to keep your boundaries in and your credit card bill in perspective.

Key number 2
This cycle month is a time when you will likely gain spiritual insights. Listen to your intuition, especially when it tells you to be cautious. This advice applies especially to relationships, whether romantic or professional. You are still under the influence of the intense emotional energy that affected you at the beginning of March, and you are likely to be a magnet for high drama. Continue to clean your closets, both metaphorically and actually. You will need a clean space in your mind and closet to accommodate all the cycle energy of the next month.

Key number 3
Continue to watch for change, progress and new opportunities. You will likely feel the kind of dynamic energy that allows you to move forward with optimism. Look around for what is new and exciting in professional and romantic life. If you are in a partnership, add creative, new ideas to your interaction and communication. Professionally and financially, you are set to create dramatic shifts. This is the time to activate your own emotional afterburner and rocket on to new experiences.

Key number 4
Continue the practice of patient waiting that you began last month. Delays give you an opportunity to perfect what you are working on. Have faith that your patience is part of a process. Avoid crankiness in personal relationships—criticism of those close to you can get you into a great deal of difficulty. Put effort into settling old quarrels and misunderstandings. This is a time to develop balance and harmony in relationships as much as possible. Continue to concentrate on working with others in the spirit of co-operation while staying in the background. Sort out your wardrobe!

Key number 5
Keep on the lighter side of life. If you persist in faking it ’til you make it, you will be surprised at the exhilarating opportunities that show up in your life. Social time will offer opportunities for romantic interludes. In family interactions, concentrate on spending time with children and young people. Avoid overindulgence or extravagance throughout all the frivolous energy around you this month. At this time, you must place emphasis on your creative talents, and look for possibilities for advancement, recognition and opportunities to improve your finances. This can be a light and comfortable energy if you play with it. Under all circumstances, avoid whining.

Key number 6
Continue the process you began at the start of March of finishing all your tasks. There is a lot of work to be done and it’s inescapable. Romantic life will still be at the forefront, and don't be surprised if you are tested in that part of your life. Keep up fitness programs and promptly take care of health matters that may arise. Remember to take breaks to recharge your batteries. In the midst of all this energy, take steps to protect your own ego, which will be sensitive; a good way to do this is treat others with tact and diplomacy. There is a real danger in this month of being too brusque. Treat your nearest and dearest with courtesy and love.

Key number 7
Throughout these last weeks of March, continue to roll and enjoy freedom. There may be significant and unexpected changes where you live or work. Changes in family relationship are also quite possible. Wherever possible, flow gracefully with the circumstances. Let go of old ideas and welcome new ones. Be adaptable and resourceful whenever you can promote your new ideas and ventures to people you have not met before. In the midst of this wild energy, it will be important to practice self-discipline. Focus is important—scattering energy in too many directions can be counterproductive.

Key number 8
Be ready to deal with some strong feelings now: it is better if you can keep your own feelings balanced, if at all possible, to avoid quarrels or breakups. Enjoy closeness with some of the special people in your life. Family matters will continue to pop up and you must attend to them. You will get gold stars for creating family get-togethers. Work on any difficulties that may have grown up between you and those close to you. Romance can be especially beautiful at this time, but can also be troublesome if you are not tactful. Power struggles will arise if you are to parental or condescending—regardless of how well-meaning your nurturing is.

Key number 9
Concentrate on improving your intellectual ability as well as your spiritual knowledge. Continue to listen to your intuition, and be sure to carve out time for rest and relaxation. Keep one ear attuned to what your loved ones are saying: if you zone out, you will be caught out. This is not a time to strain for success, but it is a time to visualize and work on manifestation. You may appear aloof without meaning to. If you find you are being misunderstood by those around you, especially in work situations, make a real effort to be clear in your communication.  This is an excellent time to do personal work of all kinds.

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