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The Darkest and Brightest Time of the Year: Your Numerology Cycles for December 16–31

’Tis the season. Whether you are feeling jolly or not, it is here: the darkest time of the year, and the brightest at the same time. The holiday season brings joy and lots of other emotions. Pay attention to the beauty surrounding you. Living in Vancouver is a gift. I always think I must have done something very good in my past life to end up here. We only have to look through the rain to the mountains to see that.

Happy solstice, (belated) Hanukkah, Christmas and, most of all, happy New Year!

And congratulations, you have successfully completed another chapter in the book of your life.

To find out what the rest of December and 2010 has in store, calculate your key number by adding the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your personal number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life.

1 key number
Create ceremonies and rituals this month—perfect timing, considering the season, but it will also answer a deep need within you. Rituals don’t have to be sober. The annual office party is a good example of a social ritual—silly, perhaps, but definitely a ritual and, in many ways, necessary. Otherwise, pay close attention, and perhaps do some investigation into the deeper meaning of solstice and Christmas. Mistletoe research, perhaps?

2 key number
Holiday vibrations are intense now, and there is no rest for those who are destined to find coal in their stockings. If you have been naughty, this is the time to start working really hard on being nice. Karma is in your favour, and any good seeds you have planted over the last few months will flower, though you may have to pull out a few weeds to get to them. You have a lot of personal power at your command now. Be sure to make good use of it.

3 key number
As you work your way through holiday madness, notice that are also working your way to completions. This is a time to note what is working for you, and must be preserved, and what is not, and must be discarded. Ruthless self-appraisal is necessary. There is a lot of emotional work to be done in these two weeks. Your popularity could soar, but do not allow that to be a distraction from personal work. Pay attention to your dreams, and use your charm effectively and with integrity.

4 key number
Continue to create new beginnings. You may never have done a New Year’s resolution in your life, but whatever you do, do it now. Plant seeds in your personal relationships, and make new friends in social situations. If you are not particularly friendly by nature, fake it ’til you make it. In personal and professional life, expect to be surprised by the twists and turns of new beginnings. Watch for exciting change, and do your best to make dramatic progress. Anything of a meaningful nature that you begin or expand now will have a significant effect on the course of your life.

5 key number
Expect heightened emotions and sensitivity around you. You–or those close to you–may be feeling a bit more touchy than usual. Don’t be surprised if you have a few periods of reduced energy. Try not to take anything personally, and avoid making mountains out of mole hills. This is naturally a month of Hallmark moments, so keep extra tissue close by. Family and friends are very important, if somewhat irritating at times. Give as much affection, friendship and love as you would like to have in return.

6 key number
This can be an exceptionally joyous time for you. Make the most of it, and try not to waste your energy or resources. Though there will be some relationship issues to deal with, try to keep worrying to a minimum. Avoid gossiping. Handle your emotions carefully and constructively. Stress optimism, cheer and enthusiasm in all your activities. Make the most of others’ delight, and spread your own contagious joy and vitality at every turn. See all glasses as half full.

7 key number
Spend as much time as you can with your family and friends, and put in whatever effort is necessary to make celebration successful. Although this may take time from emotional concerns, time spent on the comfort and happiness of others will pay huge returns in the long run. Don’t neglect your family and friends because of work pressures. Keep in touch with those who really matter to you even though your time for socializing must be balanced with work pressures. Pay attention to details.

8 key number
Let go of the old and make way for the new. Look at the overall picture. Make those important changes you’ve been thinking about, especially in relationships. Make significant changes in your environment. Be open to new experiences and they will come your way. Be careful not to scatter your energies in too many directions—you will have a real tendency to spread yourself too thinly at this time. Despite the excitement generated by the energy of this cycle, it is important to remember to take care of your obligations. Focus as much as possible focus. You are likely to have considerable appeal to the opposite sex. Be open to romance in present or possible relationships.

9 key number
An unselfish and charitable approach will prove vital throughout this time. Concentrate on making your family and work environment calm, harmonious and well balanced. You may feel stretched, but peace and harmony is easier on your nervous system than conflict. Be available for the benefit of others, but do not let friends take advantage of your generous nature. This period of time is all about boundaries and balance. Romance is it the air, but keep your vision clear. Leave your rose-coloured spectacles at home.

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