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More on March: Your Numerology Cycles for March 16–31

The world is now in the calm domesticity of the six cycle month, March, and we are happy to be by our firesides or equivalents once more.  No more partying in the streets. We have now returned to normal life and real, everyday life issues.  

To find out what the second half of March has in store, calculate your key number by adding the day and month of your birth.  Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit.  For example, if your birthday is October 14, your personal number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24.  Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life.

1 key number
In work or professional life, slow down. The energy of this month is very complex, perhaps even a little low, but if you take the spiritual path (yes, that includes yoga, chanting, tai chi meditation and even prayer), you are apt to feel much more comfortable with yourself and what you are up to. Find a tree or flower to talk to. Nature is your friend.

2 key number
Put lots of energy into your financial life in the next few weeks. It is a wonderful time to ask for a raise or to make new plans in career life. Keep your emotions balance as much as possible, as you’re in a very karmic month and any outbursts will bring unpleasant results far into the future. Romantically you will tend to be slightly unrealistic. Avoid making promises you won’t want to keep.

3 key number
Go with the flow as much you can. Your intuition is very sharp and can lead you to accurate conclusions. There will be some endings, but what stays is good, and good for you too. A sense of humour is absolutely necessary, especially in close emotional relationships. Sarcasm is tempting, but carries a huge karmic price.

4 key number
Continue to stay positive and be aware you are now riding the crest of the possibility of a new life. This requires optimism and a fresh approach. How you relate to people in your life this month will resonate through the year. Be thoughtful, mature, and considerate. Using charm and leadership, and developing new ideas of how to proceed in all relationships, personal and professional, will get you noticed.

5 key number
Continue to be tactful and co-operative in all your dealings, especially your personal relationships. Domestic harmony is your foundation. Nurture the seeds you have already planted. Close relationships and emotional liaisons can be in jeopardy if you do not stay focused on their importance. Please remember, we all love a listener.

6 key number
Avoid scattering your energies, and focus as much as possible on communication, especially in love life. If you are not in a relationship, and you want to be, this is a time to go hunting. Pay attention to your wardrobe this month, as you will tend to show what you are really thinking through clothing. This is your creative unconscious side showing what you really think of yourself.

7 key number
Hard work, attention to detail and responsibility are at the tactics for dealing with the energy that is affecting you now. However, it is not suggested that you find the nearest monastery. In fact, the opposite is true. This month has an earth vibration and is very sensual and sexual. Have fun with this. But remember that you’re in a test cycle month. Frivolous or thoughtless liaisons can bring enormous tests in the future.

8 key number
If you’re ready for something new and it hasn’t happened so far this month, it may be time to step outside your comfort zone. Be adventurous, go into a new or risky social situation—a club, for instance—that you found intimidating in the past. Investigate a new author, wear something different, talk to a stranger. Take risks and be willing to change and release things that have outlived their usefulness.

9 key number
Domestic issues will continue to take precedence in the last half of this month. Be authentically available for those who turn to you to solve their problems or need a shoulder to cry on. Practice compassion and do good deeds for others, even those outside your immediate circle. Romantic life can be challenging, but you will find happiness at the hearth.

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