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Settle Down into March: Your Numerology Cycles for March 1–15, 2010

As Vancouver fades from red to blossom pink, we are faced with a return to normal life and real, everyday life issues. No more partying in the streets. Fortunately, the world now moves from the wild energy of the five cycle month, February, to the calm domesticity of the six, March, and we will be happy to be by our firesides or equivalents once more.

To find out what March has in store, calculate your key number by adding the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your personal number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life.

1 key number
It is likely that you will not feel like partying this month, and it is not just because the Olympic party is over. It is because you are in a cycle month when it is absolutely necessary to reflect and re-evaluate your life. Socially, you could be a bit awkward, and it’s quite possible to put your foot in your mouth if you don’t think before you speak. Good news, though, your intuition will be spot-on. 

2 key number
You can be an administrative genius this month, as you will be in your power and able to make decisions. People will look up to you now. If you are smart, you will take advantage of this vibrant, slightly materialistic energy. However, a note of caution: avoid administrating your love life. In other words, if you are very, very bossy, as you will be naturally inclined to be, you will get into a great deal of emotional and relationship trouble.

3 key number
This is a complicated month of endings. If you’re realistic, you will notice that what is happening for you right now is the result of what you have created with your past thinking. Yes, you must be very grown-up to accept responsibility for your life as it is, but you are, aren’t you? Speaking of this energy, it’s important to use your charisma responsibly this month.

4 key number
This is a surprising time of new beginnings. You must take on the challenge of moving in a new direction in all areas of life, professional and even love life. If you are not inclined to change partners or professions, you are sure to benefit from a change in attitude towards these aspects of life. It is a time to rethink your dreams, aspirations, hopes and intentions, and be sure they are moving in a positive direction.

5 key number
You can expect an extremely interactive and emotionally sensitive month, involving all sorts of relationship issues in your personal, social and professional realms. Whether you want to or not, you will deal with feelings that will have to be reconciled. This is a time to focus on making decisions and preparations for the future. Avoid being a doormat unless you want to be walked on.

6 key number
The winter games may be over, but for those with this key number, the party continues. Enthusiasm and optimism will bring new levels of hope and excitement, and can open doors for the expression of your creativity. Remember the old saying “Smile and the world smiles with you; cry and you cry alone.” It’s never more true than in this particular energy. So polish up your molars and make them visible, and you will find the world at your feet.

7 key number
Hunker down and be prepared to work and be responsible. There’s no escaping it. This month is a test cycle. It is important to put your affairs in order as much as possible. Stay in integrity in personal relationships, and in business and family matters. Develop a strategy for expanding your ideas and projects, but do not implement any steps until you are sure they are perfect in every detail.

8 key number
This is a time for change, travel, growth, expansion and the release of some of the frustrations you may have experienced last month. This is a liberating energy, a time for new ideas, and a serious break with routine. It can be a bit hectic, so remember to pay attention to the direction in which you’re moving. Prepare for change in all areas, including interests, attitudes, and even relationships of all kinds. Sarcasm will be a hazard.

9 key number
The energies of this month will push you towards domestic responsibilities and obligations. Flare-ups will be possible in personal relationships so keep your cool in communication. Family situations will require attention. Call your parents or close family if you have been neglecting them. There may be some demands on your funds. Unexpected romantic attractions may emerge.

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