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October's Psychic Reading by Vancouver's Most Gifted Numerologist

October is a magical month, and not just for ghosts and goblins. It is the first small wave of the energy of your next cycle year. You will find yourself walking between the worlds. Peek behind the veil.

Numerology uses numbers to predict life cycles. You can find your key number by adding the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is August 25. Your key number is determined as follows: Add 8 + 25 = 33. Add 3 + 3 = 6, and you have the key number (6). You will keep this key number for life.

Here is the psychic forecast for October 16–31, by key number:

1 Key Number

You will continue to beaver away through the last part of the month, noticing that when you really work at it, you are able to produce tangible and satisfying results in all areas of your life. Physical fitness is a top priority, but remember to save time for music and perhaps a little slow dancing. October is a mini preview of your 2010 year. Be an observer.

2 Key Number

You may feel as uneasy as a cat near a bathtub in this cycle month. But if you regard your feelings as energy looking for an adventurous outlet and act on those feelings, you will be fulfilling the mandate of the cycle. You are versatile and adaptable and up for almost anything. Seize these days and make the most of them. Get out and meet new people, explore new ideas. Prepare to hunker down and be a homebody next month

3 Key Number

Continue to plant kindness in your relationships, and gather love and appreciation as your harvest this month. Plunge into domestic life. Tackle small issues methodically and calmly. The people around you may be subject to emotional outbursts. This is your time to be understanding and indulgent. Avoid being argumentative or unsympathetic. Buy a gadget for your kitchen.

4 Key Number

Think before you speak this month because miscommunication can easily cause difficulty now, especially with loved ones and in career life. Your psychic powers are at their height now, and not just because it's the month of ghosts and goblins and walking between the worlds. Listen to your inner voices. Spend some time outside. Avoid over-analyzing conversations.

5 Key Number

Wake up every morning with significant goals in mind and set out to accomplish them. Streamline your plans, check expenses and if finances are not as fluid as you would like them to be, put on a good face and fake it till you make it. Pull in your markers, don't be afraid to ask for what you want. Be straightforward and expect to get results. You are more likely to see debts paid or favours returned this month than at any other time.

6 Key Number

Watch your boundaries now, as there is a tendency to give away the farm, or at least a good portion of your time, for the benefit of others. There is nothing wrong with being generous, but exhausting yourself with compassion is just idiotic. Your charisma is at its height, use at least some of it for your own selfish needs. A little selfishness is healthy, especially if it means you allow yourself some time for pampering, even if it's just a pedicure.

7 Key Number

A clever new way of handling a difficult situation will occur to you now. You may be aggressive, and you should use charm and diplomacy to introduce new ideas. Cultivate the garden within your intuition, which will be strong and accurate, so take some time to listen to what it is telling you. Avoid being overly competitive, especially with a dear one.

8 Key Number

Continue to take what comes your way and have faith that future benefits will follow. If you do not attempt to alter the plans of those around you, and if you are supportive and loving and have an easy-going attitude, you will reap a rich harvest from the garden of relationships. Avoid rushing, spend some time doing little things that were overlooked last month. Wear clean socks and underwear everyday.

9 Key Number

You may notice that you’re talking a lot and getting very little done. Scattering energy is a natural part of the cycle, but it is also a good time for communication of the positive kind. Drop an e-mail to someone you have been avoiding, write to someone who may need some support . Stay positive and avoid talking about your physical complaints or personal troubles. Show off your creative talents.

Cassandra MacLeane is a professional psychic based in Vancouver. To book a phone or in-person reading, visit

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