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Personal Numerology Forecast Aug 16-31

Numerology is a method of forecasting the energies that will surround you at a given time, and it is a little different from astrology, though they are both useful. To find your own personal numerology forecast, you must participate and do a little math. Scary? No. All you must do is find what is called your PERSONAL MAGICAL NUMBER, or PMN for short. Though your numerological cycles change on a yearly, monthly, daily and even hourly basis, it is only necessary to work out your PMN once. After that, I will do all the work for you. It’s important to note that your PMN is not the same as your life path number, which is determined by looking at the month day and year of birth. Before this becomes all too confusing, I will explain how to compute your own PMN.

You can find your own PERSONAL MAGICAL NUMBER by adding the day and month of your birth together and reducing it to a single digit. For example, if your birth date is October 14, your number is determined as follows:
10+14 = 24. Add 2+4 = 6 and you have your own PERSONAL MAGICAL NUMBER (6), which you will keep for life.


Being chatty is a good thing in this cycle, but be careful, you may be revealing more than you want others to see. You role as background support for someone dear to you requires that you support, observe and, in some cases, keep your own counsel. Rest when you can, take solace in music or art. It may seem frivolous, but it’s a good time to update your wardrobe in preparation for an outrageously creative month next month. In the last week of this month, be as cordial as you can to someone you may not particularly want to talk to.


You may find yourself feeling restless this month. Use your creativity to manufacture reasons to be on the move. Being flexible in your schedule is essential. Invent practical solutions to problems that others find insurmountable. You are an inspiration when you are happy and a thundercloud if you allow yourself to sink into uncertainty. Relationship issues arise only if you stick your head in the sand.
Experiment with extreme straightforwardness in all your communication.


Feelings of limitation or restriction can be avoided if you are willing to look for serious constructive and methodical ways of dealing with routine tasks. Being rigid in relationship, demonstrating unwillingness to flex, will cause both family and romantic communications to fall into a black hole. This is also true in career life. You are in a test cycle. Expect restrictions and tests in personal and professional life. The good news is that what you learn in the way of finding solutions to the tests that arise this month will remain in your consciousness as lessons learned, quite possibly for all the days of your life.


There is a lot of rushing going on this month in your personal world, and for that reason accidents can happen if you’re not careful. Brimming with life and vigour, there is a tendency to rush from one thing to another with great speed, and we all know that without care, speed kills. Use your dynamic energy vigorously and wisely. Pay attention to voices that counsel caution in certain unstable emotional situations, but don’t allow old-fashioned or out-of-date thinking to stop you from exploring ventures that have the possibility of opening new avenues of experience, especially in financial or career life.

Those born on October 3, 12 and 21 will also experience some good fortune in the areas of decision-making, finances or professional life.


Caring for others is inescapable. It might even be enjoyable in this kind of energy. Making your home more comfortable is a good idea. Even buying new dishtowels could help. Take a risk in your love life. Try speed dating. This is a romantic energy cycle and you could find yourself looking into the eyes of your soul mate, at least for five minutes. Be nice to your neighbours if they are the least bit civilized, caring for the people around you is good for your heart. Doing your duty to your family and your home is important for your karma.


Pay attention to your intuition and avoid allowing the analytical side of your nature to overrule it. You’re more likely to be attracted to the spiritual life now than almost any other time of the year. Contemplate the future of your relationship life, defining for yourself the shape you would like it to take. However, it is important to avoid making decisions concerning endings of any kind. This may be a time when it is better to defer decisions regarding separation in professional or personal life. Next month you will be better equipped to decide matters of this kind. Notice synchronicities. There should be a basket of them. This is a serious and magical time for you.


The dark side of this month’s energy is materialism. Throw it (your shadow) a bone—a bag with a big label, a new pair of shoes, or a gadget perhaps—iPhone is out with its latest version. At the same time, it’s important to demonstrate enthusiasm, integrity, and leadership. This is a time when you are self-confident, and your ability to make decisions can bring advancement, especially in the material world. Remember what you’re experiencing this month is the result of decisions made in the past. Look back and learn.


Yes I know, in some ways it is a cruel month, but fun too, right? Endings are hard to deal with, even when the deepest part of our soul tells us that it’s for the best. You may feel ill disposed toward friends or advisors who tell you wipe your tears and move on, but in fact, that is what is necessary. You are capable of great creativity in this month. Use the energy flowing through you to develop visionary ideas only you are capable of. September is a whole new ball of wax, bright and shiny and full of new beginnings.


It is halfway through a seeding cycle for you, and it is time to review the seeds you have planted this month and review new projects that have begun in this year so far. Your opinion should be influential now, especially in areas where you have been persistent with new ideas. Avoid walking over the opinions of others, even though you may feel passionate about new people or ideas. Watch for a slight tendency to be indecisive or changeable in your opinions about people. New ideas are infectious. Plant your life garden passionately but attentively.

Photo by Yukiko Onley

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