“Rape is rape.”

That’s what Barack Obama said on the Jay Leno show.

Unfortunately, he was compelled to comment on this issue because the male Republican misogynists are at it again.

It wasn’t enough for Todd Akin to oh-so-stupidly announce that women who are “legitimately raped” have a biological mechanism that will enable them to spontaneously end their resulting pregnancies. Now Richard Mourdock has outed himself as a bona fide idiot by stating that when women find themselves pregnant as a result of rape, “It is what God intended.”

Excuse me?

As a dual citizen of the US and Canada, I have the right to vote. I’m especially glad about that in light of the fact that the US government wants me to pay several years’ worth of income tax when I have neither lived nor worked in America since 1974—and I know that millions of other people all over the world are in this same unfair and ridiculous predicament. If I have to pay taxes that I should not have to pay, then at the very least I should have the right to vote in the US federal election.  And I will.

And in this particular election, I'm gratified that I can vote because I can’t even fathom what the world would be like if Romney and his muddled cohort of Republican dolts got into office and held power over such tremendously important decisions as women’s health care.

Can you?

Even if I didn’t think Obama could do a good job for another four years as President of the United States—which I do—I would still vote for him in this upcoming election. I’m grateful that the last place I lived in the US was Miami, which means I can vote in the swing state of Florida.

Yes, I know I’m only one person—but what if every one person who was able to vote actually DID vote, for the only candidate that can—in my opinion—truly keep the free world free?

Are any of you citizens of the US, dual or otherwise?

Are you going to vote?

Please consider what could happen if you don’t. It isn’t very difficult to do this—just ask Google how to vote in the US and you will be given the information you need, no matter what state you last resided in—and they will mail a ballot to you.

There is still time—but please don’t hesitate—the world needs your one vote.

If you don’t—just think, a girl or woman you love (or maybe even you yourself) might have to face the consequences of a dangerous Republican health care system making vital decisions for others that should NOT be theirs to make.

I wonder what other barbaric ideas they have up their collectively ludicrous sleeves—maybe legalizing public stoning or, better yet, blaming rape on the woman and letting the perpetrator completely off the hook?

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