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Gordon Campbell lives on in the 'new' NPA

If you thought the NPA’s reputation as a Gordon Campbell farm team ended when the BC Liberals quietly shuffled Campbell off to Harperland, you thought wrong. In fact, it seems to be just the opposite.

History repeats itself and repeats itself and etc…

It’s been up and down lately –  healthwise, but no matter how lousy I feel stuff won’t stop happening. Take Christy Clark for instance [insert joke here]. Is there anything Clark won’t stick...

Suzanne Anton's hyperbolic email

Has Councillor Suzanne Anton lost it?  I don’t know for sure but her recent email to NPA supporters seems to lean that way as she beats the drum of riots and violence in order to further her...

Ferries, frigates and PR

Christy Clark and her government have been some of the BC shipbuilding industry’s biggest problems. Now, they say they are its chief salespeople.

Gregor's success fighting homelessness: check the numbers

Vancouver municipal election 2011:: It’s rich to see a Sam Sullivan political operative attack Gregor Robertson for his success in reducing street homelessness after Sullivan’s comparative failure.

Vancouver NDP supporters celebrate big gains

DECISION 2011: But the emotions were mixed as elation over the party's progress was tempered with concern over a Tory majority.

Vancouver artists launch whip-smart campaign to stop Stephen Harper

DECISION 2011: Another humorous Vancouver election campaign hopes to turn the vote against the Conservatives.

Conservatives aren't cool: Justin Trudeau

DECISION 2011: For those who can't get enough Justin Trudeau, we follow up our last report on his visit to Vancouver with another story and pictures.

Excluded from official debates, Green Party leader Elizabeth May gets her televised bout

She's been excluded from the federal election debates, but Green Party leader Elizabeth May is still going to have her say. Channel Zero, an independent Canadian broadcaster, gave May and all...

Project Democracy website educates Canadians on strategic voting in federal campaign

Canadians tend to be a left-leaning bunch. Because of our 'first-past-the-post' voting system, however, we can end up with a Conservative majority government with just 35 percent of the popular vote...
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