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Legault's comment about lazy Quebec youth vs. hardworking Asians gets strong reaction (Storify)

CAQ leader Francois Legault negatively compared the Quebec's young population to Asian kids. The QC premier hopeful said that young Quebeckers ought to learn a thing from hard-working Asians.

Storify: Scientists rally against Harper agenda in Ottawa #deathofevidence

Canadian scientists descended on Parliament Hill to rally against the Harper government's cuts to funding to science and environment. Here were some of the things people saw, heard, and tweeted.

Americans who want to 'move to Canada' because of Obamacare

A rash of tweets broke across Twitter from Americans who announced their plans to move to Canada to get away from 'Obamacare' this week. Here, some of the best reactions to the tweets.

Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline could cost $15 billion?

Enbridge may be understating the true costs of the Northern Gateway oil pipeline, according to an APTN report based on WikiLeaks emails from Texas-based global intelligence firm Stratfor. The...

Ezra Levant alleges Canadian Broadcast Standards Council "bias" against right-wingers

When the Canada Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) ruled that Sun News Network commentator Ezra Levant had breached the council's code of ethics, he fired back immediately by questioning the...

Quebec student protests about democracy, not just tuition

I had a short stint one summer where I examined laws of countries that were considered human rights violations. Many of them contained similar clauses on demonstrations – having to notify the police...

Haida Gwaii artists send message to Harper about Enbridge pipeline

A creative First Nations video blasts Stephen Harper for his plans to push through with oil development despite heavy First Nations opposition.

Vancouver Sun opens its door to "cultural absolutist" blogger

Frank Hilliard - the new Vancouver Sun op-ed writer - isn't just any climate change denier conspiracy theorist. He's a racist far-right climate change denying conspiracy theorist.

Black Out Speak Out campaign protests Harper government's assault on environment

A showdown between the Conservative government and environmental opponents unfolded Monday across the country on two fronts—one online and the other offline. Online, over 500 websites went “dark” to...

Ontario Catholics: Gay-straight alliances shouldn't be called gay-straight alliances

It really is fitting for this day and age: an argument on whether or not to tell the truth—whether or not to call a spade a spade. In a time when unemployment insurance is called "employment...
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