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Obama professorial, Romney presidential at debate

Obama stunned during the debates by letting Romney take control.

Voter supression American-style explained by Sarah Silverman: video

"Our hope is that this video sheds light on the ways in which voter ID laws suppress voting, particularly from certain constituencies," says Mira Orek, a campaign strategist, associated with the film...

Rick Mercer takes on the Harper government's next omnibus bill

Rick Mercer, host of CBC's The Rick Mercer Report and one of Canada's most outspoken political commentators, focused his latest rant on the next omnibus budget bill from the Conservative...

Peter Lougheed: back to the future

You couldn't even say the word 'liberal' back then, but the changes made by Peter Lougheed were enlightened and forward-thinking.

Alpha Liberals help Democrats roar back to life

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton stomp all over the stereotype of the "weak" and ineffective Democrat.

After Iran, Ottawa to cut ties with North Vancouver

After expelling diplomats from Iran, Baird's leaving nothing to chance.

Obama's speech addresses climate change, women's rights, citizenship

US President Obama delivered a speech tonight at Democratic National Convention that addressed a wide range of issues, from economic struggle to citizenship to climate change and gay rights...

Bad news for the NDP as Conservatives pull even in the polls

If an election were held today, which party do you think will win? The answer might surprise you.

Live blog of Mitt Romney's powerful, scary acceptance speech

Of God, lies, and fetuses. Get to know Mitch.

Isaac delays GOP Convention: nature's revenge on climate change deniers?

Tropical Storm Isaac forced the cancellation of the opening day of festivities for the U.S. Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. Given the GOP leadership's denial of climate...
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