Vancouver Sun opens its door to "cultural absolutist" blogger

How low can you go? 

The anti-climate change crew over at the Vancouver Sun has offered up its op-ed page to the current president of the Individual Rights Party of BC, an alleged offshoot of Canada’s far right Christian Heritage Party.  

How far right?  President Frank Hilliard isn’t just an anti-climate change conspiracy theorist.  He’s a believer in a white Canada.  Added bonus: he’s a big admirer of anti-immigrant parties like the National Front and the True Finns. 

But let's allow Frank to speak for himself.  Here is the most succinct statement of his personal political views I could find. 

“If you support your traditional Judeo-Christian culture, which I do,” Hilliard writes in an article (in which he interviews himself), “you don’t want to see it overwhelmed by some other culture, be it Latino, African or Middle Eastern.” 

Some would call him racist, he admits.  He prefers “cultural absolutist.”

All this can be found on Hilliard’s blog Mesopotamia West: Defending liberal democracy by understanding, and defeating, the threat posed by Progressivism, Relativism and Multiculturalism. (Wow, was that hard to type.) 

He's collector and a Trudeau hater, so on his blog Hilliard has gathered together “the Trudeau Files” with articles attacking the late former Prime Minister for praying like a Muslim and acting like a fascist who committed the great crime of multiculturalism.  

The new Sun op-ed contributor really, really hates multiculturalism and believes Trudeau introduced it “to dilute Canadian cultural nationalism at the expense of the English and to the benefit of the French.”

Clearly, Hilliard hasn’t talked with Jacques Parizeau lately.

Hilliard also has a thing about the blacks -- black Jamaicans seem to be one target -- and even calls for Africa to be recolonized.  But he reserves his special enmity for Muslims of every stripe. So much so that he dedicates another special section of his blog to a list of “Bloggers against Muslim Immigration”.  

One of his “favorite posts” is “Canada a Christian Country”.  When you finish reading this post you can pop over to the racist British National Party using the link thoughtfully provided by Mr. Hilliard.

The op-ed gracing the Sun today first appeared on Mesopotamia West on May 30th. The version in the Sun has been tidied up and given -- let’s call it what it is -- a tin foil hat edit.  The Sun even left out the writer’s original conclusion, in which Hilliard nails the animus for the entire climate change theory. 

“Really,” Hillier writes in the original version, “if you put together all the threads in this story, any honest person has to admit the  tax was based on a flimsy excuse promoted by activists for the purpose of redistributing wealth from richer to poorer countries.  It has nothing to do with man-caused activities and everything to do with Marxism.”

Damn it.  Exposed again. Karl Marx’s secret climate change wealth redistribution plan.


Not good, Vancouver Sun.



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