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"Apocalyptic chicken coops": Mayor's complete speech from Westin Bayshore Vision Vancouver Gala

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That’s why I’m asking the people of Vancouver to elect a progressive majority again.

And that’s also why we work so closely with COPE.

We don’t always agree. I think our COPE friends here tonight will back me up on that.

But COPE’s passion, principle and positive energy were a big part of the past three years of progress. And I want them to be part of the next three.

Because there are people who look at conflicts and disagreement and see a wedge issue. And there are others who look at the same thing and look for the common ground.

There are people who look to the future and see uncertainty, threats and fear. And there are others who look at the same thing and see possibility, promise and a bold agenda for a better city.

Those are the people we work with. That is the agenda that drives us.

And that’s where the spirit of Vancouver lives. This is a city of hope, not fear.

And that becomes a vision when it draws us together, and leads us to action.

Making Vancouver the world’s greenest city – that’s a bold vision. But today we have new bike lanes, curbside composting and the greenest building standards on the continent. And in three years, we’ll have new public green spaces, be advancing on rapid transit for the Broadway Corridor, and leading the nation in food security.

Creating green, high-value jobs in the world’s most innovative sectors – that’s a bold vision. Fostering a thriving arts scene––one that supports both our cultural vibrancy and a growing base of good jobs––that’s a bold vision. But today Vancouver has new offices from leading global innovators. And in three years, we’ll have artists leading a transparent process for granting arts funding, a revitalized Chinatown, and a new Tech Centre to support local entrepreneurs and startups.

Putting the health and vitality of our communities ahead of a huge megacasino – that’s a bold vision. But today we have everything from street food carts to new festivals. And in three years, instead of expanded gambling, we’ll have expanded parks, food carts and a new downtown public square.

Ending street homelessness – that’s a bold vision. Making the most expensive real estate market in the nation more affordable – that’s another bold vision. But today 670 fewer people are sleeping on our streets than three years ago. And in three years, there won’t be anyone forced to sleep outside on our streets and we’ll be well on our way to creating 38 thousand new affordable homes.

Yes, our vision is bold. But so is Vancouver.

In this election, I’m asking the people of Vancouver to renew their faith in this vision and their trust in our team to make it real.

And tonight, I’m asking you to renew your support for our shared vision, and for our campaign.

I’ll bet every one of us knows someone who might not vote on November 19. Someone who might not know what’s on the line.

I’ll be we know 10 people like that.

So tonight, I’m asking you to reach out to those 10 people, whether it’s by phone, Facebook or face-to-face.

Talk to them, and let them know what’s at stake. Offer to help them get to the polls.

If 10 of us do that, it could be the margin that pushes one more councillor over the top.

If 20 of us do that, it could tip the balance on Park Board. Or School Board.

And if every one of us does that… it could be the difference that sends a strong progressive majority to Council. One with both the commitment and numbers to put that shared vision into action.

So that nobody has to sleep on the street.

So that our city’s kids grow up breathing clean air, feeling safe and empowered, going to great schools, surrounded by rich, diverse cultures.

So that you can’t turn a corner without coming across another sign of this city’s growing vibrancy.

So that this city of hope inspires people across the country and around the world – by opening new frontiers of possibility for healthy lives of prosperity, justice and sustainability.

That’s the vision that unites us. That’s the Vancouver we love. And I am so grateful to share it with every one of you.

Thank you.

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