Vancouver artists launch whip-smart campaign to stop Stephen Harper

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Video from WhipHarper.ca.

Vancouver is once again injecting a dose of humour into the upcoming federal election.

Hot on the heels of Sh*t Harper DidWhip Harper is another bid by local creatives to convince anti-Conservative voters to cast their ballots strategically in order to stop Harper's reelection. 

The short video, which stars Cirque du Soleil's Jonel Earl, was made by Vancouver's Sideshow Studios.

John Richardson, the video's director, laughs that the video has been well-received by viewers so far: "They love it, it's very tongue-in-cheek," he told The Vancouver Observer. "We're aiming it at a younger audience ... Vancouver is something of a Mecca for social media." 

Richardson explains that the Whip Harper website references data from Project Democracy to ensure that viewers get the right information about voting strategically against Conservative candidates. 

Currently, the campaign is posting Facebook ads targeting key ridings in which Conservative candidates are running a tight race with other candidates. Richardson said it was an extremely efficient campaign, costing just 18 cents per 1,000 views of the ads, or just $25 per 150,000 views. 

In the last heated days before the election, Richardson said the video may motivate some voters to tip the balance. 

"There are a lot of unpredictable elements in this election, and one of them is whether we can get the youth to vote," he said.

He hopes this offbeat video will do the trick by getting them out to the polls on May 2. 

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