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Liveblogging the Chinatown height review public hearings

Photo by Jocelyn Gollner

11:12 -- Gregor Robertson says that the hearing will continue on April 5 at 7:30p.m.

10:55 -- Councillor Jang asks, "Do you think businesses would be able to co-exist with the height increase?' Tom thinks that it would. 

10:50 -- Henry Tom, of the Vancouver Chinatown Merchants Association, supports the proposal. 

10:40 -- Councillor Woodsworth asks what will happen to small business along Pender. Ng says that he thinks they will survive. 

10:35 -- Ng reads a letter from Larry W. Campbell that was addressed to Gregor Robertson. 

10:30 -- Ng agrees to the proposal.

10:24 -- Michael Ng, of the Vancouver Chinatown Business Improvement Society, says that he has been waiting a generations time to see the Chinatown heights proposal. 

10:18 -- A speaker for Albert Fok, of the Vancouver Chinatown Business Improvement Association, says that history shows that Chinese in Vancouver are a "resilient bunch." Has decided that the pros are greater than the cons of the proposal. Businesses haven't seen an improvement in the last few years, despite hosting the Olympics last year. Hopes that this would help the businesses in Chinatown. 

10:06 -- Councillor Kerry Jang thinks it's exciting to see youth talking about Chinatown. Asks "do you see Chinatown for everyone?" Leung says that businesses are going out of business and suffering, and this would help the businesses. 

10:03 -- Cecilia Leung, of the Chinatown Youth Group, goes to the stand with other members of the group and the Chinatown panda mascot. Thinks Chinatown is "a jewel in the rough." Thinks new residents that would live in the buildings of the towers would support businesses in the community. 

10:02 -- Council meeting is extended by one hour. 

9:48 -- Dexter Lam, Secretary of the Vancouver Chinatown Revitalization Committee, says he is talking as someone who has adopted Chinatown as his community in the city. The vision for the community is for Chinatown to be an inclusive area for people from all over the city to both work and play. Supports the plan. 

9:43 -- Joseph Jones says residents should be involved in the planning for the future of their neighbourhood. "Nothing about us, without us" was said by people from the DTES. 

9:39 -- Sister Elizabeth Kelliher, of the Carnegie Community Action Project and Franciscan Sisters of the Atonement, say she "feels like a broken record" because she keeps talking about the need for affordable housing for low-income families. Opposed to the condo reconstruction; doesn't think that condos need to be more than seven stories high. 

9:37 -- Tan wants Councillors to put themselves in the shoes of low-income residents living in Chinatown. How is it going to affect them?

9:32 -- Tan was one of the leaders on the Head Tax Movement. Says that he has talked to over a hundred low-income residents living in the DTES and Chinatown. "The higher the towers go, the more money you make." 

9:28 -- Sid Tan says Saltwater City was the name for Chinatown. Says for some reason people think that Chinatown is separate from the other districts. "Chinatown is and was a low-income city. That's why the Chinese moved there." 

9:25 -- At the request of Councillor Woodsworth, Cooey's five minutes of speaking gets extended. 

9:16 -- Rider Cooey, of the Citywide Housing Coalition, says many initiatives that have been taken have not had the effect of revitalization that they were intended for. Cooey walked the streets of Chinatown, visited many hotels, and got many signatures from people who are against the construction of the towers. 

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