Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu on Vancouver riot arrests

"Canada is not Britain, the courts are different, the riots were different,” Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu said at a news conference at police headquarters today, in response to the public outrage that unlike in London, no arrests have yet been made in regards to the Vancouver Stanley Cup riots in June, reports the Globe and Mail. Chief Chu took to the media to explain: “If you favour speed, you favour more acquittals and lighter sentences."

While the police have now identified 268 suspects and 259 separate criminal incidents of the night of the riots, it will take months before any arrests are made, chief said in VPD press release.

As some of the people who have turned themselves in were found not criminally guilty, Chief Chu said that to rush with arrests would be "ineffective" and "inefficient."

“Rushing these people into court without a full examination of all the evidence would produce weak cases, with acquittals, bad case law and little or no penalties."

Still, he assured that individuals who took part in the riots would eventually be found by the police. 

"We will come to your workplace, your school or your home, but rest assured of one thing: We will find you, arrest you, and take you to jail."

The Vancouver police will soon launch a website which will contain updated information on the riot investigation and pictures of 150 new suspects. 

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