This past Sunday at the weekly practice of the Portland FC, coach Dr. Alan Bates, brought the Olympic Torch he ran with last week in Cornwall Ontario. Alan was chosen by the Canadian Medical Association to carry the torch with a team of doctors because of his dedication to Street Soccer programs in Vancouver, such as this one founded out of the New Fountain Shelter.

The team used the torch during warm ups, saying it was cool to be able to see, feel, and touch the torch and that it was actually quite heavy. They are all very proud of Alan and are looking forward to what the future holds for street soccer in Vancouver.

Next month the team will participate in a tournament in North Van against the Salvation Army and the Sun Eagles. Afterwards, they will start to plan a trip out east to the street soccer nationals and maybe the homeless soccer world cup.

Sarah Blyth is team captain of the Portland FC, a Street Soccer team in Vancouver founded out of the New Fountian Shelter has been playing for over 6 months. They have many games under our belt including a game against Team Vancouver (Mayor Gregor Robertson and co.) The game was won by a goal in the final minutes in an exciting finale. The team has also been featured on the cover of Megaphone Magazine last month.