What to Expect from the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Olympic Games: (A Few More Hints, but Still No Details)

Photo of Canadian superstar Rufus Wainright.  Which beloved Canadian singer gives the grand finale performance at the Opening Ceremonies for the 2010 Olympic Games? I'm not tellin'.

The countdown that started years ago moves down to 8 minutes, the last seconds ticking off. The 2010 Winter Games are about to begin and the crowd raises their arms making a wave through BC place under the glow of the Olympic Rings.

With less than one minute left, excitement in BC Place runs higher and higher as the seconds tick off. The lights darken and the music begins...

"Welcome to the opening ceremony of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games." Something very cool and cutting edge happens and then a big surprise. Wow!

Get ready to fall in love with BC, World, because here we come. Here we are.

From the snow-covered peaks of Whistler to the sea...

Vancouver's having a quadruple erection. (You'll see for yourself.)

The natural wonders of Canada are evoked....ocean, ice floes...all the precious and endangered parts of Canada...it's real wealth.

Cutting edge art, but I'm not sayin' what.

Everybody knows Vancouver's local female vocalist superstar is coming, but I'm not telling you what she sings. It's enchanting, however, and you shouldn't miss her beautiful solo.

Very amazing moment as dancers ...nope can't tell you that either.

The stars of this show aren't on the stage. I can't tell you why.

Vancouver is celebrated, just as it should be. It'll make you prouder than ever to live here.  For a moment, you'll remember how very lucky you are. If you don't live here, man, you'll wish you did.  Get busy.  Canada immigration is waiting to process your paperwork. Be smart, be progressive, be humane.  You'll fit right in.

I want to get out before the crowd and keep trying to leave.

But then another Canadian superstar hits the stage singing my favourite song. Really. Written by another Canadian superstar.

I never liked her interpretation of the song this singer did before, but I am knocked out by this performance. I can't stop smiling. I feel so lucky to witness this.

Watching her stand alone at the centre of the stadium, so potent, this is the moment that personifies the best of Canada to me. (You'll get what I'm saying here tonight.)

After this, I try to leave again. An announcement that the "Olympic Anthem" is about to play doesn't interest me. I start out again, but the voice of the performer is so compelling I turn back. It grabs me by the soul (no, that's not a typo) and tears are streaming down my cheeks AND I'm still smiling. You know how the sound of a voice can make you cry? She could have been singing the theme song for Family Guy and it would have been just as celestial. This woman has gifts that only a chosen few get.

Who was she?

I'm not telling...

Tune in tonight and find out why so many people love Canada....


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