Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, BC Premier Gordon Campbell, Washington Governor Christine Gregoire, and Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown Vow to Move Together for Environment

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in Vancouver 

Vowing to collaborate with British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said at a press conference by the "Pacific Coast Collarborative" that "it's a great honour for an Austrian to carry the torch in Canada."  He lauded the premier for his "commitment to environment."

"We are united politically and ecologically," the former movie star said. "We are speaking with one voice.  There is no sports team that ever has won without being one unit.  As soon as one goes off, you cannot win.  We are all marching in the same direction.  The main agenda is to build this whole rim but also to inspire our federal governments to go in the same direction."


"We have great things in California and we want to keep those great things, the beaches and the coastline, the forests...we want all of this to be there for future generations."


"Let's give Premier Campbell a great hand for his great, great leadership."


Permier Campbell then introduced Governor Christine Gregoire of Washington.


Gregoire said, "We want an action plan to ensure (the health) of the Pacific Ocean. Our tides, our winds, our forest can provide renewable energy for our citizens.  We want a green highway up and down the coast and we want transit because we want renewable energy and efficiency for all of our people.  Our fisheries and commerce move freely.  Our actions should now allow borders to be a barrier.  By acting together we can show the world it is possible to address solutions. I'm proud to be a part of this collaboration."


The Secretary of the State of Oregon Kate Brown said, "we certainly share more than we realize.  We all fundamentally believe there is a direct connection between a healthy environment...and livability.  Today we discussed many areas to begin this collective effort...I believe as does the governor of Oregon that collaboration between the Pacific States and BC is vital," she said.

"What can we all do together than benefits us all?" Campbell asked.

The governor was asked about the record he made about body building and whether he'd be an advocate for the record industry.  "We're here today to solve one major problem, our environmental challenges that lie ahead," he said.  "I don't want to deviate from the message.  That's one thing you learn in politics, just stay on the message....we can perform miracles if we just stay together..."

"Cap and trade incentivizes green technology.  Technology will save the day," Schwarzenegger said.

"We're not waiting any longer, we're getting on with this," Campbell said.  "The reason we have a Pacific Coast Collaborative is we have no time to waste.  If we want to live in a world that's healthy and secure, we have to act.  We're going to be leading from the West and taking North America into the Twenty-First century."

Schwarzenegger said, "We are creating ten times more jobs in the green economy. We're going to march forward and this is what this partnership is about, stability, vision.  We are in the twenty-first century and we want to march forward into this century."

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