After 11 years of bringing you local reporting, the team behind the Vancouver Observer has moved on to Canada's National Observer. You can follow Vancouver culture reporting over there from now on. Thank you for all your support over the years!

A day in the life of the Vancouver Observer team

Zi-Ann, Jenny and Alexis, Photos by Anja Konjicanin

VO Managing editor Jenny Uechi's cookies came to her from a friend on a Greyhound bus. Jenny says her ecologically-minded friend "never buys stuff."  She sent the chocolate pecan cakes from Calgary, Alberta, by courier, and the cookies had been travelling for a day.  Still delicious. (Yum.)

 View from VO. sky.

Our top-notch designers Ewa Chruscicka and Mindy Chapman were working today on launching their new "Girls" blog. Mindy's just finished her "Naughty or Nice List." Stay tuned.

Ewa and Mindy

As Enbridge pumps out oil, Alexis Stoymenoff was  pumping out incredible oil coverage. It spilled over onto our front page.

Yesterday, Alexis said she made Shepherds Pie for the first time ever, and today she brought some to share.

"That is good," Jenny said, as she took a bite.

Linda Solomon was building our business model, struggling with ad sales and promotions and Drupal challenges, the technological things, like tagging, and trying to figure them out while having an idea of a new story every half hour, if not more, and giving Zi-Ann something to do every 30 seconds. She was also emailing with Dawn Newton, who's flying in from Los Angeles next week to work with us. 

Linda Solomon

Zi-Ann Lum was touching base with the Christmas Market about the giveaway tickets we are to receive any day now. We're giving away three four-packs, and anyone who fills out this survey is eligible.

Just when I "elfed" our team, I read today's gut-wrenching news: Virginia Tech shooting, two dead.

Who would have thought that after April 2007 massacre at the same campus, something so horrible could happen again?

As I looked out the window, the snow-capped mountains brought the following words to mind: peace, strength, resilience, hope. How wise the mountains are....

I daydreamt about world peace and hope to make this "blog about work" thing a weekly habit.

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