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Our Best Plans: weekly news update from OpenMedia

Another round of negotiations around the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP—an international agreement that we're calling an "Internet trap"—finished in Singapore last week. Now many of you know that...

Stopping the internet meter: weekly news update from

This past Thursday, the CRTC made their final decision in this Stop The Meter saga: people can now rest easy bout usage-based billing.

Canadians need more cell phone plan choices: update from

Lack of competition in the Canadian market means that more big companies like Rogers can keep gouging customers with high fees.

Complaints about internet service providers limiting online choice nearly double:

The CRTC—the body in charge of telecom in Canada—released a status report showing that complaints about ISPs limiting online choice have almost doubled since last year. So what does this mean? Well...

Ottawa Under Pressure: Weekly News Update from

An industry lobby group called the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) is pressuring the U.S. to pressure Canada to tighten Internet restrictions.

A Notable Absence: Weekly News Update from

If you noticed some excitement in the air on Monday, it may have been because Parliament has just resumed for the fall!

The Online Hub: Weekly News Update from

Hi I'm Lindsey and this is your Weekly News Update from OpenMedia. Just over a month ago, we asked you for your help. The petition was gaining some pretty incredible momentum, and we...

International Internet Restrictions: Weekly News Update from

A newly leaked part of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement signalled that U.S. lobbyists are far from backing down in their push for restrictive Internet-related measures.

Big Telecom's Power Grab: Weekly News Update from

Today I want to talk a little more about big telecom company Bell's proposed takeover of Astral Media.

Sign the StopTheTrap petition, hot off the presses from San Diego

On Thursday of last week, we at OpenMedia made a call to a print shop in San Diego, which responded to our order with an "..oh!". Well over one thousand pages (double sided, and in a reasonably small...
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