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I started my current company, Devil May Wear  at the extremely young age of 17 thinking, "This will be easy. I’ve worked for small businesses and I’ve made clothing my whole life. Becoming a clothing designer can’t be hard. What can go wrong?" And what six years of learning the hard way through both wholesale and retail sides of the garment industry has taught me is EVERYTHING can and will go wrong.  Being so young, I didn’t have any peers to consult when it came to handling the bookkeeping, filing taxes, hiring (and firing!) staff, and money management, not to mention all the gritty surprises that can’t be so easily listed.  

Now equipped with a newfound confidence, I have been asking some long-term local business owners to reflect on their years with me. Their stories, along with some of my own (for added shock value) will be compiled on this blog, which I'll be posted weekly here at  Perhaps some burgeoning entrepreneurs will be able to find solace in our trials because, trust me, you're going to need it. Other readers will be able to get a glimpse into our back rooms and home offices. After all small businesses are responsible for 48%  of Canadian jobs (according to Stats Can).

As for this week we’re keeping Fitzgerald’s crooning on low, setting the overhead lights to 'mood' and stoking the fireplace (albeit fake, but it’s the thought that counts) for our final count down to Christmas. After all, this our last chance at true Olympic denial before the hurricane is upon us. It’s our regulars we find desperately seeking the perfect gifts. These are the friends who will be here in support after we’ve had our momentary fling with the sporty foreigners. And we owe it to them to put on our biggest smiles and recommend the perfect knit tie for dad, mustache balaclava for brother, or the right earrings to compliment her style--no matter how badly we'd rather lock ourselves indoors and watch Christmas reruns on TBS. Whoever called this the "holiday" season sure never owned a business.


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