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Ditch Your Vehicles, "A Nightmare Sport," Black Magic for Skis: Today's Olympic Roundup

Here is what's wrapping up in today's Olympic Roundup: 這是今天的奧運會新聞 

TravelSmart 2010 Update: Start planning to leave vehicles behind for 2010 Winter Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies

To keep the Games traffic free, the city of Vancouver has issued a temporary street closure for February 10, 12, 28 and March 12 necessary to help ensure successful ceremonies. Cambie street bridge and Beatty street will be closed between noon and midnight on the above dates but will remain open for cyclists and pedestrians. It is advised not to bring your vehicles to the downtown area during these times just to ensure people coming into Vancouver to receive a positive experience.

為確保 奧運儀式的成功 ,溫哥華 市政府将于二月10,12,28 日,三月12日   封閉 一些街道,此外 Cambie橋和Beatty街從12點下午到12點午夜也會不准车辆过。但 会繼續開放供行人和 自行車. 为了让溫哥華的遊客有好印象,最好避免自己開車到市中心, 改 搭 公 車 较好。

Pound calls figure skating a "nightmare sport": Due to the problems of corruption within the sport, figure skating is considered a "nightmare sport." Previous scandals has affected Canadian skaters, Jaime Sale and David Pelletier at the 2002 Games in Salt Lake City, when the French judge recalled a gold medal in order to give it to a Russian team in return for a French team to be awarded a first-place vote later in the Games.

因為這項運動裡所發生的很多賄賂問題,所以花式溜冰被稱為“惡夢體育”。2002的Salt Lake 市奧運會的丑闻导致加拿大运动员Jaime Sale和David Pelletier失去其金牌给俄国,因為法国的评审员受了贿赂. 为了让法国隊最终拿到 第一名 。

Olympic Ceremonies Won't be Traditional: The producer of the opening ceremonies, David Atkins, says that it will be different from other ceremonies because it combines different interests designed to tell a story. 

製片人David Atkins說溫哥華的奧運開幕仪式會与众不同. 会用不同观点來拼湊成的故事.

Alpine skis a mix of high tech and black magic: "A laminate sandwich construction" is still utilized to construct a pair of skis, however, the materials used to make a pair of skis to maintain strength and performance is left out of the public inquisition. Ski technicians undergo a gliding test to enhance the skis. 


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