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Some good. Some not so good. Reviews of VIFF by Volkmar Richter.

New Movies for October 2nd

Just as the Vancouver Film Festival gets started some big competitors set up in the regular theaters, including a schlubby American and a pudgy Brit. (Read more) CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY: Michael...


Some are great, and some are losers. What to see? Volkmar Richter's short reviews.

VIFF Daily Picks

Volkmar Richter covers VIFF from start to finish. Starting here.

The new movies for Sept 25

By Volkmar Richter Bruce Willis has hair and then he doesn’t. That’s one of the oddities the new films bring us this week. There’s also the last toke for Julian, Ricky and Bubbles. (read more)

New Movies for September 18th, 2009

The drought has eased. Leftovers are over. The films that arrived today are truly new and at least one, maybe two or three, are very good. (Read more)

New Movies For Sept 11

Where's Kate? Where's Carrie? Is Elijah any better at choosing his films? Or maybe you prefer an altogether different quest, by a young Buddhist. (read more)

VIFF Announces More Films For This Year

The high-profile opening gala movie at this year's Vancouver International Film Festival is .... A Shine of Rainbows. It's said to be about "acceptance, kindness and the healing power of...

New movies for September 4

It’s like the end of a season sale. Smaller films and studio leftovers get a late summer shot at finding an audience. We just have to search through them extra carefully. (Read more)

New movies for August 28

One more hit of Woodstock? Yes, there’s a light and friendly sidebar to the big festival at the top of the list this week. After that, things get serious. (Read more)
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